A good fiend of mine

I guess every guy and some girls are like this, they have that one friend or friends they're close to but secretly wanna fuck them. I know I do. I have one friend who I've known for years and am close to but if given the chance, I'd fuck her pussy so hard and just fill her with my gym. I know I'm not alone on this. Any thoughts?

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  • I have a good female friend I've wanted to screw the entire 4 years we've known each other. She's single and knows I want to have sex with her, but she's got her scruples and doesn't want to fuck around with me because I'm married. She's even admitted that she thinks I'm attractive, so I think I'd have a chance, if I were single too. It's too bad.

  • I wouldn't consider me & my friend close, but I've known her for 4 yrs and I've been going nuts since the first wk wanting to fuck her, suck on her cute toes, and bury my face in her ass. I just love her little body.

  • Yeah I had a friend like that. We were friends for years and got on really well but I just 'didn't get her juices flowing'. She said I was like a brother to her only better than her own brothers. We talked about everything especially sex and she used to always ask me for advice from a man's perspective.

    I knew everything about her, everything she liked and didn't like, what turned her on and what turned her off, her favourite sex position and even how she liked her clit to be sucked.

    This boyfriend who was a loser anyway dumped her and I invited her to my place for dinner and I laid on everything I knew she loved. A deep bubble bath with her favourite bath oils and favourite scented candles, favourite meal, favourite music. The time had come.

    It was so easy. She was a great fuck because I knew everything she liked and didn't like and she responded like crazy. Trouble was that now I did 'get her juices flowing' and she didn't see me as just a friend any more. Now, true I really liked her and I had wanted to fuck her for years but I never wanted a relationship with her. She was too high maintenance for me.

    That was easy fixed too. I knew the thing she hated most of all so when I managed to get almost half my cock in her ass, she realized that I wasn't the man for her. Things were awkward for a while after that but now we're back to being friends again. We fuck now and again though but every time we do I always make a point of trying to fuck her up the ass just to remind her that I'm not the man for her.

  • You're pathetic.

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