Messed up

My husband and his best friend have the same first name, I just got a new phone and totally messed up and sent his friend a video and some pictures asking him to come here. Omg what am I going to say if he shows

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  • Shove his willy in your flower

  • No we had a private discussion and i almost decided to cheat but backed out at the last minute

  • Fake

  • Ty for your opinion but it is true. I do truly appreciate your opinion though ty

  • Omg he just sent me a picture

  • You suck his cock

  • I haven't done anything with him but he keeps grabbing himself in front of me and show's me the pictures. I will admit that I think he's handsome. But I am afraid that he will say something if I do something

  • Well, aren't you a stupid one. Recently I sent a naughty tumblr picture to a friend instead of my boyfriend. I immediately followed up with an explanation and apology. My friend understood it was an error, and I even told my boyfriend of my totally embarrassing mistake. All sorted.

  • Say thank you and do whatever nasty things you said you would

  • Omg that's embarrassing

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