Best friends

When I was 16 I had this one boyfriend he had the biggest c*** I’ve ever had. I live in an apartment complex at the time. So we would have s** In the laundry rooms on top of the washer and on the floor. We also had sex at the playground at night. We would get hotel rooms which were easy because we had friends that worked at the hotels. Anyway, one night we were in a hotel room with his best friend, my best friend and a few others. We were all drinking and taking E. Me and my boyfriend ended up having s** in front of everybody. We didn’t care. There were a few others touching and kissing each other. So it was fun. Later on my boyfriend and a few others left to go somewhere. I don’t remember. It was just me my friend and his best friend left. I don’t know how but me and his friend started having s** in front of my friend. I even s***ed his d***. He c*** in my mouth. Then I washed my mouth out and we all acted like nothing happened when everyone came back. I never said anything. I was a secret between us.

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  • I had a very similar experience, except it was my gf that left with others. I ended up having sex with my best friends gf, and performing oral sex on him. We never spoke of it again after that night.

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