Crossdressing at young age

I have often wondered since I know how I felt at an early age(13) for me that was. But as i had realized my urge or whatever you want to call it. Back then when I would hide in my bedroom many times (sadly) it was a pair of pantyhose being tossed out or a brain the clothes hamper. I could t help but think to myself "I must be the only male in the world that feels like I do". (i.e. crossdressing).
I am curious if others felt that way at some point too ? I was 13 and back then there was no tik tok, no Facebook,myspace, social media, except writing real letters and sending in the real mail.
It was 1973 Andi was scared shitless family or friends would find out. Anyone else have similar thoughts being the only one that like it ?

2 months ago

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    • Like you no internet, the penthouse stories never mentioned crossdressing.i was sure no one else thought about this. I wish I knew back then what I know now

    • I started cross-dressing when I was 9 years old and I am 60 now still crossdressing everybody knows. Family friends coworkers so it's what makes me feel alive and young and I do go out in public dressed day and night I love it and very proud to be a crossdresser I am from Lakeland Florida

    • Hello Cassie, you naughty "girl" XX

    • Crossdressing is just so fantastic, I started when I first got my own flat and continued to this day 9 years later, my wife and Mother in law knows and really likes me being a girl, they buy Femme wear for me and love seeing me dress in any new gear.

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