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...about a wife who continues to wear slutty shorts on her walks even after I've asked her not to? I see the way the other neighborhood hubbies ogle her long legs whenever she's out and about and I know EXACTLY what they're thinking about. I've told her countless times that they're all masturbating to thoughts of fucking her...of having her thighs clamped tight around their skulls or wrapped around their hips. But she just laughs at me. I think that deep down she LIKES being a cock-teasing cunt.


Jul 18
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    • Fatten her up, make those shorts tight and she wont wear them

    • My wife worked as a waitress at a sports bar when we were dating in college. She only had to work 3 nights a week but made serious $.
      There were many times I would hang out with my friend on Friday or Saturday nights and watch the older men rub her a$$ as she flirted with them.
      I know I enjoyed the show. I also got rewarded in the bedroom too!
      She works as a physical fitness coach today. I can always tell in the bedroom when she get's hit on at work.
      It's part of life and nature!
      Let everyone enjoy the show while you enjoy the ride!

    • I think you should be proud as hell knowing all those guys envy the fact that you're fucking that sexy lady all they can do is fantasize about. I have a very sexy wife who when we were younger was a total exhibitionist and liked letting guys see her naked but making it look accidental. It got us both turned on as hell.

    • I think you’re right. Just this weekend I watched my wife walk by three guys sitting at a table, they all were checking her out and one younger guy was looking at her so intently, that I think he felt his stare would draw her eyes. Initially they were just looking at her nice body and big tits, but she had older blue Jean shorts on, and as she walked by I could see them focused on her ass and legs. I’m sure all 3 of them were thinking of fucking the hell out of her! As she disappeared, they all started talking excitedly to each other, all while I’m pretending to be shopping, but I can’t help and feel my cock starting to get hard. When I later told her she said that I should have told her. After all, I guess it has been a month since I got to watch a married friend who moved away, fly in only to allow me to watch him screw my wife for an even! Then again what are good friends for if not to share your hot wife’s body with another guy’s cock. Especially when he told us he haven’t fucked his own wife for 3 weeks, just so he was plenty horny!

    • Have you ever got hard thinking about what your neighbours want to do to her?
      I would. Maybe she might let you watch.
      Nothing like watching another man fucking your wife

    • It's my go-to fantasy. Thinking about her getting fucked by one or more of the neighborhood hubbies.

    • I've openly told my sexy blonde wife, "I want you to make me jealous - because it really turns me on!!!"
      She wasn't getting the message until I said it like that.
      She said, "OK, honey....if you're sure?!"
      "Honey - getting hard just thinking about it!"

    • She's not just teasing. She's seeing who has the balls to ask her to fuck. And then she will. She is disrespecting you by wearing them even when you ask her not to. It will only continue because she doesn't respect you. You will be the last to know she is the neigborhood bike

    • Do you really think so? Because I hope so. I really do hope she's putting out for all of the guys that she makes hard. It's the right thing to do, after all.

    • No doubt in my mind that she has been ridden around the block a few times.

    • Yes she does and I think you like her doing that. It makes you hard despite your outward protest. So many of us do…

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