Work trip with my boss

I let my boss fuck me when we were in a work trip. I feel guilty about it but I have to admit it felt very raw with him...something I have never felt with my husband.

Mar 15

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    • Good for you. Keep doing it.

    • I recently began having sex with my 38yr old female manager and her wife.
      I'm female, 26 and married.
      I have not told my husband, however, he is aware that I only dated girls during my college days.

    • My wife works for a company that is owned by to older guys she’s 43 they are age 58 and 60 every year they go to Paris in June to a business convention she is the CFO of their company they both are married also but just the three of them go to Paris together I enjoy knowing she fucks them both everyday while they are there for the week their wives doesn’t know about this but she tell me every detail and I jerk my duck so hard as she tells me she’s about to go and fuck the guys and I most love is to reclaim her when she gets home

    • I know how you feel I am married and I love my husband and we have a great life together and I always wanted more from him when it comes to sex but with him sex isn't the most important thing to him. He told me that I could find someone else if I wanted to but I didn't. I wasn't looking to have an affair but it happened with a guy that I was working with and he was married also. It was something that just happened and when we finally had sex together I never had been fucked so hard and for so long I had multiple orgams with him and he is definitely bigger than my husband is . Neither of us want to change our lives so we just have very hot sex once a week or so. I have been honest with my husband about him and he knows that I go to a hotel with him and get my brains fucked out I have ever started letting him cum inside of me because I am on the pill now.

    • My wife fucks her bull and lets him cum in her and she not on the pill if she gets pregnant I good with it I can’t have kids


    • So?

    • I agree!
      btw; female 43yrs old here

    • I fucked my female boss many times. Mostly in her office.i agree with other posts. What's the big deal?
      And yes we were both married

    • Married, Female, 44 w/ 3 kids.
      My confession:
      For the past 20 years, I've had protected sex with countless men while on travel.
      What's the big deal here?

    • You get to Galveston?

    • Never.
      NY, LA, Miami, ATL, & Nashville mostly.

    • So you get paid in promotions instead of money like most whores. Doesn’t matter. A whore’s a whore. And I fucking love that. I’m one too. Taking bosses dick to get ahead, or a strangers cock for drinks. I even let an elderly neighbor take me to Florida for 5 days. All expenses paid. He said the catch was he could have sex with me whenever he wanted. Turns out he fucked me was once…barely. Lol I did take pity though and suck his soft ED cock a few times. Be proud of your whore status. I am.

    • Ok, so you had sex while traveling for work, big deal. I'm a 52 year old female.
      We all do it. It's the fun part about traveling for work. This is nothing new. It always has and always will be.
      I've been married to the same man for 27 years and enjoyed countless 'encounters' while away on business but I always come home to my husband afterward and still fulfill his bedroom needs.
      I proudly admit that having sex with my bosses advanced my career.
      So what? It's no different than golfing & drinking with 'the boys'.
      I have a master's degree and I'm good at my job so it's not like my company is promoting someone that can't do the work. Plus, I still bust my a$$ at the gym to stay a size 2.
      To the OP:
      Don't be ashamed. If you enjoyed it. Keep doing it. It will improve your sex life at home.
      Please take my words of advise. Keep a secret stash of condoms with you at all times. I know you mentioned you liked it 'raw' but believe it or not, most men I had sex with are married and will easily wear one or have on on hand.
      However, insist on protection all the time. Don't be afraid to insist! Trust me. I've done this a lot over the years and you wouldn't believe how quickly a man will run to the hotel store or drug store to get one. I also keep a secret stash in one of my travel bags hidden compartments.
      Find an app like SnapChat to communicate. Never text from your phone.
      Finally, only have sex when you are away on travel. That's the easiest way to get caught.
      Example: Don't give into 'my wife's out of town this weekend can you come over for fun'. That will get you two caught. If the both of you want to meet up that bad, insist on meeting at a hotel. Tell him to make the arrangements and you'll show up. You wouldn't believe how creative men can be when that want to have fun. LOL
      Hope this helps. Enjoy your new fun!

    • Keep fucking him. It’s a great way to get ahead

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