I love seeing men's reactions to my wife

A few years back I was working from home and having my internet changed to a new company for faster service. Two guys came over to do the installation in my house and set up an ethernet jack in my basement. With my work setup I have a work laptop and an ipad next to it so I can watch youtube and crap while I'm working. They were here for a while setting up the initial box in my garage and then running a line outside the house to where it would come in near my computer. I decided to pull up a folder with a bunch of nudes of my wife and just have the bottom row of pictures peeking below my browser window so it didn't look intentional.

When the internet was setup they asked if I was able to connect and walked around to look at my computers while I tried setting up the new connection. The looks on their faces when they first saw pictures of my wife (very great shape, thin with large natural breasts, and pictures of her when she was 28-30) was amazing. They tried to play it cool and not react too much but then they kept hovering around my computer after that to get a better look. One of the guys came back a couple years later to set up a phone line and made a comment about remembering our house. He also made some excuse to go into our basement but my computer setup wasn't the same the second time around so there was nothing for him to see. I wish I would have known the same guy would come back, I would have found a way to show him more. I loved them talking to her afterward, secretly knowing how amazing her naked body is.

10 months ago

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    • Johndowler@yahoo.com

    • Email me bja404@gmail.com

    • Willing to still show pics of her? 18m81wayne18t81@gmail.com

    • Three years ago we had a second story addition added to our house. The construction crew tore off the entire roof and tapped up the exposed first floor. Due to a scheduling conflict we were told they would not be there the next day so my wife felt safe to take a shower before work. Well sure enough, she hears voices and stomping on the rafters above and the tarp gets peeled back leaving her bare ass naked scampering for cover. That still gives me bones, thinking about it.

    • Love to see them. I have some too. Jsteele5250@gmail.com

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