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The Mrs. and I are open to any new sexual adventure the other may want to try. We decided a long time ago that the key to a happy marriage is to never stop trying new things in the bedroom. Over the years we have tried many new things from bondage to roleplaying, but in our 23 years of marriage we have never tried swinging. I'm not sure why, maybe it was taboo or maybe we thought it wasn't for us, but after 23 years of changing up the bedroom, you tend to run out of ideas.

We getting bored with our current setup and decided it was time for a change. We laid in bed with the lights off with the intent of talking out a new idea. Every idea we came up with had already been done and we had run out of ideas. As we laid there my wife said there was one thing we hadn't tried. I asked her what, but she said never mind. I reminded her that we were out of ideas, and that's when she offered up hotwife as a new idea. I knew what that was, and I also knew she hadn't said swinging. So I knew exactly what she was asking for. She would have sex with another man while I watched on the sideline by myself.

At first I said no, but then after I thought about it, I realized we were out of ideas. I offered up the swinger option instead, but she admitted she couldn't handle knowing I was with another woman, and recommended we scrap the idea. After a week or two of thinking about it, I decided that maybe it wouldn't be so bad watching another man fuck my wife.

I brought it up to her that night, and she seemed very excited. I asked her if she wanted to have sex with a stranger or someone she knew. She quickly answered someone she knew and followed it up with a guy she works with. I became suspicious and asked her if she had anything she wanted to tell me, but she responded with a quizzical look. I told her the only way I would go through with this is of she was totally honest with me. That's when she confessed that this guy had been flirting with her at work. She commented that he had flat out propositioned her, but she declined. She went on to explain how they had both been sent to a storage building to collect supplies and while they were there, he pulled out his dick and showed it to her. She admitted to stroking him while he ran his hand under her shit a d rubbed her tits. She also admitted that he ran his hand down her pants and fingered her pussy before she put a stop to it. She was adamant that they never had intercourse, but she really wanted to. She went on to say if I decided not to go through with it, she would respect my decision and request a transfer to another department at work.

At first I was mad, but then realized I was about to let her fuck another man anyway, so what was the difference if she had fucked him or not. I gave her the go ahead and she invited him over for drinks. It didn't take long before they were all over eachother. He was sucking my wife's tits like a hungry boy. My wife waited no time unzipping his pants and dropping them to the floor. I immediately saw why she wanted him. He was averaging size in length, probably 6 or 7 inches, but he was girthy as fuck. His dick had to be fat as a beer can. I wasn't sure how she was going to take him, but I found out a short while later.

He got between her legs and rubbed his dick on her pussy. She was wet and there was precum dripping from the end of his dick. He placed the head of his dick at her pussy and pushed, but he didn't get far. He made several attempts to penetrate her, but it wasn't going in. My wife reached for some KY jelly in the nightstand drawer, and rubbed some on his dick and her pussy. He positioned himself again and tried again to penetrate her. My wife let out a huge gasp as the head finally slipped into her. Slowly he worked a little more in her with each thrust until he was fully buried inside her. The look on her face said it all. I knew she was stretching to the max.

He started slow at first and I watched as my wife kept putting her hand on his stomach in an attempt to keep him from pushing too hard. I could see that it was painful to her, but I could also see that she liked it. He never did work up to a hard fast fuck, but that is probably best. I'm not sure my wife could of handle it. He finished with a few grunts and one final push as he filled my wife's pussy with cum. Pulling out I could see the relief in my wife's face as the cum ran out of her pussy and onto the bed.

He didn't stick around, and instead quietly dressed and left. My wife and I returned to the bedroom for my turn, but to be honest, It was hard to feel anything with her stretched the way she was, but we managed to finish and l added my own cum to her pussy. As we lay in the bed discussing what had taken place, my wife admitted he was way too girthy for her and it was more painful than fun. It was then that I realized she was telling me the truth, and had not fucked him prior to that night. She went on to say it may be fun to have sex with someone of normal girth and length, but she would have to give that some thought as to whether we should attempt it again. To date, she has not asked again, but I won't be surprised if she does bring it up again.

11 months ago

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    • Yes keep her going sense starting g is the hardest point. When I had a female that played A round I used Craigslist she was married in the social hiarchy of Palm Beach so used me as a buffer and cut down on who actually got to pair up with her or us. I have to admit when she would do a guy for the first time to get the awkwardness out she him first solo to make sure he would do her again with me and if he actually could perform. We got more Involved doing it 2 or 3 times a day on regular days and planned outings that ment we had put things into action to get. Desired result. One strike my mind ass off the chart stupid and dangerous but ended up being oneof her most exotic sexual raw encounters.
      I recruited two guys normally from ft lauder or further down sometimes people coming in staying for a few days and leaving . We'll my married counter part always had a thing for.guys in jogging shorts this day she want arrange, watch , video and protect her because she wanted to be tied up on a side trail hardly ever used.and have two guys. Stumble upon her and take full advantage of.her being naked and would totally work together an fuck both holes even coming inside her.
      Well on this day the guys came up together because sometimes it's good to talk to the person your goto be naked with someone else you have never met. They went in the wrong gate entrance. No time to waste I climb my scooter over the hill top and went to the lot I thought they would be in nit hearing they had gone past the park and came in fro the other end as I replayed it in my mind I flew again finding them getting out I Pointe d to the trail an watch used 20 mins had passed. I arrive fo my video post and watch my milf stumble out of the bushes next to her tied up spot looking like she had just been fucked raw.
      She had one idea the guys who fucked her were really strangers not placed there by us to complete one of her AL time fantasy

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