Got caught but Mom said it was OK

When I was 15 years old I would strip naked at home after school and masturbate in my room. After a while I got more daring and would roam the house naked and play with my self in every room until Mom got home then I would run upstairs and hide in my room and clean up and get dressed for dinner.

One day while totally naked and masturbating in the basement I heard noises upstairs and listened at the bottom of the stairs, Mom came home early and I was trapped in the basement and the only way up to my room was through the house.

I hid hoping she would think I went out, but she came downstairs with a laundry basket and started doing the wash. I crept around behind the boiler and thought I could sneak up stairs but she turned around and saw me.

I froze and she started yelling at me and told me to kneel naked in the corner until she was through then I was going to get punished. After about 15 minutes she came over and told me that it was natural but to be more private and rubbed my head and said if I wanted to walk around the house naked it was all right with her as long as nobody else could see me. She encouraged me to stay while she finished laundry and I even helped her fold clothes in the nude. I carried the basket of dry clothes up for her and she commented on how dirty my soles got being in the basement and not to track black foot prints through the house. That night I ate dinner and did my homework in the living room naked while Mom did housework and watched TV.

After that day for the next three years I never wore any clothes while home alone with my mother. The only thing was that now I had to masturbate openly and she would watch if she was home and tell me what a bad, bad boy I was.

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  • I suppose it must be true, that mom’s think sexual thoughts about their boys!

    As a sixth grader, I would sneak around the shower in our back room and peep in the hole by the valve and watch my 4 year older sister shower. Mom caught me and would tell me to stop it because it was my sister.
    Meanwhile my 2 year older brother was a nightly wanker and he’d leave his tissues around his bed. Mom came in to pick up clothes and asked why the tissues were always there. Throwing him under the bus I told her brother rubs himself every night!
    Well a few days later moms in the shower and I had to peek, only my foot hit the wall and she bent down and peeked back and saw me looking. She came out of the shower and asks me why would I want to see my mother, I said...because you’re a woman and a good looking one. She was flattered and asked me if I really thought so? I assured her she was very good looking!
    A few days later sisters in the shower and I peek in and she’s rubbing her pussy and it went on for awhile and I really didn’t understand why being years younger than my wanking brother
    and sister.
    Then the big surprise comes! moms in the shower and I sneak over to take a peek and she bends down and looks back in the hole and our eye balls meet, but then she stands up and begins rubbing herself right in front of the hole... I was kind of confused because I knew she knew I was there. She just kept on rubbing,
    That afternoon mom calls me to the kitchen table and says you were looking again weren’t you? Always being honest with my mom I said yes, she then says see everyone does it! But you can’t tell anyone what you saw today, they won’t understand, especially your father.. I assured her I’d never tell anyone and from that time on we’d sit and talk openly about anything regularly.

  • How come she didn't want to Play with your Cock or do something with you? I think I would have pushed it and at least had her show her tits and let you play with them.

  • My moms way of waking me up for school was to come into my room, turn on the lights and pull back all the covers then on her way out the door telling me it was time to get up. She did this right into my high school years and one morning completely by accident just from me moving around in my sleep I guess my pajama bottoms ended up pulled down enough that my cock was out and hard. I awoke to a scream because when she pulled back the covers there it laid in all its glory for her to see, she walked out of my room repeating oh my god over and over. I looked down still foggy from waking up to see my cock out and thought well I guess that scared her off.
    The next morning I woke up to her yelling into my room and all she did was reach in the door and turn on the lights.

  • Lol

  • Opposite for me, my mom would walk around the house doing all sorts of normal things naked. She stopped doing it when I was around 14 or so and one day I asked why she quit doing it. She shrugged and told she figured I was getting to old now and it would make me feel uneasy, I told her not to worry about it because I would not be offended. She still kept wearing clothes after that but I did enjoy many years of seeing her naked.

  • My older sister's girlfriend gave me hand jobs at 15, 16, 17, 18,
    Blowjobs 18, 19 -- she was married the for 18 and 19. Think her husband got her so accustomed to BJ's -- and she liked doing them. Said my dick was bigger and by the time I was 16. and way bigger at 19. It amazed her how my dick grew.

  • I was at the point of no return when my mom walked in my room without knocking. Within seconds of her intrusion I started shooting my cum onto my stomach. I kept on pumping my dick until my balls were empty.

  • Did she lick it up?

  • Nice! It's good to let your mom see what she could have! There is a very good reason why moms don't knock and that's to see her son's cock. I bet you she masturbated thinking if you that day!!

  • Since she watched your show, I would have told your mom that you deserve to a least see her tits. I would have also told her you'd be hard again in less than 10 minutes if she was interested.

  • You're at least 18 now and time for a talk with your mom. You need her to be naked around the house also. You should be able to get your mom to masturbate with you. When your mom is really getting into it, you should be able to go over to her and slide your hard cock into her pussy.

  • Should've fucked her.

  • It's totally ok to be naked with your mom and mastutbating in front of as long as you are both comfortable with it. Really surprised you and your mom haven't had a sex yet? I assume you were 15 three years ago? Or are both afraid to go there? It's sounds like you and your mom get on well.

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