Married bisexual cocker

I started sucking dick around 14 years old my friends from school would play around when we would sleepover at there house’s and on the weekends when 1 of our friend parents wasn’t doing to be home we would go in the pool naked we didn’t have a change of clothes with us !
Over time we started to notice the girls in school how they started to get boobs and our body’s started to change also !
I was was the youngest of to four of us so I noticed one time I woke up with a hard on but I reall didn’t know what to do !
The next day it happened again so I told my friends that was going on ! They said don’t worry about it
He will snow me how to take care of it !
He told me to pull out my dick an he reached down and grabbed my dick and bent forward and put it in his mouth and started to get it hard by sucking on it before I knew what was going to happen I felt something started to fell wired was going on ! I asked him what is that felling so he stoped for a minute and he told me that your about to Cumm he told me that the felling will get more ittence but don’t worry it’s natural felling
So I asked him how does he know about that ! So he told me that his sister showed him what to do ! He also said that the same thing I’m doing you she did the same thing to me ! He even told his to swallow the Cumm not to waste it so let me finish up with you then you can do the same thing to me !
Then he told me not today anything to anybody at all !
And so non of us can’t say anything to anybody we all sucked each other cocks !! After time so one of them moved away but the guy that showed what to and his sad inter are still really close and sometimes his sister will suck me off and let me fuck her snd him and I still suck each other off in our mouths !

11 months ago

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