Married bisexual man

Just because I’m a married man don’t mean I can have a desires outside of my marriage ! All men do but don’t act on them !
We have been married for 10 years! But over time things in the bedroom start to become a basic sex life ! We all have our needs and desires ! When we first get married our sex life was super intense always trying something different and dirty !
But now it’s not doing good at all for a few months! Then we started to talk about how to fix our marriage before we can’t repair it at all !
So we decided to find away y to o spice up our sex life !
So we went out to a nightclub had a few drinks ! We noticed another couple checking us out do we walked over to them and asked them we can buy them a drink! They said sure please have a seat with us !
So we all talked for a few hours Babis few more drinks. !
It turns out they are having the same problems as we !
It’s kind of funny When you look back on it !
Dad o we decided a sad l them to go back to our house and have a few more drinks zing see how things go !
So we got up we paid the bill !
So we walked out together still talking and laughing as we are walking to our cars !
So they fallowed us to our house we walked into our front door and our wife’s wanted to use the restroom! So us 2 guys made a few drinks for us ! So when the lady’s walked out from the restroom they had a really big smile on there faces ! So we knew something was going on with them and it had to be good snd crazy ! So we had a drink or 2 we ordered some food for take out so me and her husband went to pick up the good !
S we hen we got back to our house we found our wife’s on the sofa naked mss as king out like 2 teenagers in love !
When they rears the door belies they looked up and went back to kissing again!
So we just sitting down on both sides of them !
We knew they they we’re up to no good !
We were talking about that when we went to pick up the good ! But that’s a good thing !

After a little while of them making out the both of them got up a grabbed our hands and pulled us into the bedroom ! His wife grabbed my hand and my wife grabbed his hand and when we got into the bedroom they got down on there knees and unzipped our pants and pushed backwards on the bed then removed our pants from our legs then move down between our legs and slowly d as tarted suck on our cocks !it was so weird watching my wife sucking another man cock I’m sure the other guy was thinking the thing ! Her mouth was felling d sad o good sucking on my cock it’s been way to long from the last time I got a blowjob from my wife much less someone else’s e we ode ! I’m sure he was enjoying as much as I was !
After a little while they got up and told us get up off the bed so they can lar down with their legs spread we use open sad o we can go down on them !
That pussy tasted so good I didn’t want to stop licking it ! After a long time of eating that sweet ass pussy we needed to get up to give them what they really needed to give them a nice hard cock inside there hot pussy
And they told us if we want we can shit our loads inside of them! But if we do we will need to lick the other mans Cumm out of them no questions asked your choice !
D sad o we looked at each other and said that’s ok with us ! So after us talking out sweet time fucking them about 30 minutes later we finally let go and dumped our hot loads inside them and pulled out of them band went down on the other woman’s Cumm filled pussy and started to lick it clean !! Our wife’s really enjoyed watching us doing that ! Now that we cleaned up there cream filled pussy they told us that we need to suck each other’s v cbd oaks now because they are covered with our pussy juice mixed with your Cumm ! Just do as we say and you de allowed to fuck us in our ass’s ! It’s your call so we looked at each other again and said yes we e we I’ll do it for our wife’s so we laid down on the fed opened up our legs and got close enough for us to suck each other’s cocks clean ! We enjoyed it more than we though we would !!
Do later that night when we got done with our fuck fest they got dressed and walked towards the door and started to leave that’s when i asked them if they wanted to stay overnight with us ! So they asked are you guys sure that it’s ok if we stay tonight we said yes not a problem at all !
Our wife’s said that there is one condition that the 2 of you need to fuck each other’ in the ass and Cumm inside of them take it or leave if it’s up two you guys let us know now
Sad o we looked at each other again and said if that’s what’s what they want to make them happy I’we are willing to do it for our wife’s so said so done !
All night we are ducking and sucking like crazy ass pet out of control !
We didn’t get any sleep at all !
In the morning our wife’s made some breakfast for the four of us ! Before they got ready leave we asked them for one more round before they head out ! That’s so funny we where thinking the same thing !
We didn’t even have time to make it to the bedroom we dropped our clothes on the living room floor that was around 9:30 in the morning in the morning !
They didn’t head out till around 3 in the afternoon !
We made sure that we exchanged phone numbers so we can keep in touch with each other !
From that day on we became really good friends with benefits !
Even us 2 guys hook up without our wife’s being there !
But we letour wife’s know because they do the same thing !
From that first day we meet up with them at the nightclub our both of our sex lifes have been definitely gotten spiced up ! My wife even got a strap on dildo to bend me over the side of the bed and have her way I want it !
What a wonderful world it is ! I’m such a lucky bisexual man

2 months ago

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