I’d love to go down on a transgender

I’ve been wanting to get involved with a transgender person to find how far I can go. I really want to get down on my knees and suck a nice fat hard cock ! Looks like a woman but has a cock like a man !
I realize my desire is have a transgender fuck my mouth and then take my ass with me laying on my back so I can look them in their faces as they start to push their hard cock inside of virgin ass I’ve never had a cock up my ass before!
I needed to get a cocktail in my ass so bad !
So I finally got the nerve to to a online dating site to see what I can find to fill my desires! So I found a really good looking transgender and we decided to meet up at a local restaurant and have dinner and a few drinks!
So we meet up at the restaurant and we went inside and ordered some food and drinks and we talked about what we wanted in life ! We made a really good connection with each other !
So after dinner we started to walk out to the parking lot to our cars and before I knew it we started to kiss each other in the parking lot . My date asked me to go back to my place and have some real fun with each other’s body’s!
But said I won’t be able to that tonight that I need to get really early in the morning for a meeting with a new client. She replied back to me that’s ok not a problem . But I cut in before she said anything else ! So I said that I will make it up so I’ll give you my address so you can come over to my house Saturday evening for a nice homemade dinner and drinks at my place ! She told me that she would love that so much ! So we kissed again and We went our separate ways to our cars !
So we text each other fearing the week . My last text was I can’t wait to see you again on Saturday around 6:30 . So Saturday at 6:30 I heard a knock on my front door . So there was my date with a bottle of red wine in hand . I invited her into my kitchen to finish up cooking dinner and she started helping me with the food so as we continued to finish up with the food we started joking around with each other like we where friends for years . We felt really comfortable with each other . So after we finish up eating dinner we decided to take things to the next level and decided to go to my bedroom and slowly remove each other’s cloths . After the both of are naked I grabbed her hand and started really kissing with a really intense feeling in my whole body ! And before I knew it was I was going down to find a really nice size cock and I just put it inside of my open mouth and started sucking on it until I got the whole dick inside of my mouth balls deep in my mouth all the way to the back my throat . After a few minutes the 2 of us where laying on my bed sucking each other’s cocks that feeling was getting me really turned on !
I wasn’t ready to Cumm yet so I got up and bent over the side of the bed and asked to please fuck me from behind now! I could feel my ass getting licked and a finger going inside of my ass . That finger was felling really good the next thing I know I was feeling the head of a nice hard cocktail going into my ass it hurt really bad at first but after a few times in and out it started to fell really good . That’s when I felt the cock in my ass going much faster and harder but before I let them Cumm in my ass I rolled over in my back so I can see the intense look on the face that’s pounding my ass and is about to Cumm inside of my ass for my first time ever!
Just before that nice cock was getting ready to shoot that hot load of Cumm inside of my ass I rapped my legs around their waist and held them tight against my ass balls deep inside of me so I can feel that load getting pumped inside of my ass the felling of that hard cock dumping that load into my ass was so intense I couldn’t hold back any longer I shoot my head all over my belly and my face and a little bit got into my mouth!
We wound up failing asleep next to each other after all of our ducking and sucking I had dry Cumm all over my body the next morning !
I gotten woken up with my cock being sucked in ! I guess that we are getting ready for a second round ! But this time it’s my turn to do the sucking and fucking !
So I made her lay down on her back and spread her legs wide open so I can ea that sweet ass and suck that nice cock that was fucking my ass last night. Until I got down between her legs I didn’t realize how big of a cock I had inside of my ass last night! I started to push my cock into that sweet ass in front of me that probably why I enjoyed having that cock inside my ass so much t felt so amazing now I’m going to return the favor ! I’m going to pound that ass just I got my ass pounded last night from the minute I got my cock inside of that sweet ass I felt her leg rap around my waist and pull me tight against that nice tight ass ! So I decided to get that ass on top of me so as she’s going to Cumm I’ll let it shoot all over my body and my face and hopefully I can get some inside of my mouth. Before I was about to Cumm she got off of my cock and made me suck that cock and Cumm inside of my mouth and swallow every drop of Cumm because I love how it feels in my mouth and the taste of it is so amazing ! I’ve tasted my Cumm before but don’t even compare to another mans Cumm at all! The felling I get when he starts to squirt his hot load of Cumm inside of my mouth is such a amazing feeling that anybody can enjoy it !
If a man shows me his cock I’m going down to suck it until he cumms inside my mouth and swallow it all down my throat !
That’s how a bisexual man makes another man happy ! 😱

1 month ago


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    • I'd love to get on my knees for a hot shemale.
      Obey her every command so hot!!

    • You won't regret it!
      I hooked-up with my first TransGirl while stationed in Korea.
      Since then, I have never went back! There's even a hook-up app you can use to find sexy & willing TransGirls in your area!
      Do it! You will be hooked!

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