Bisexual married man

I really needed a good ducking lately it finally happened today I went to look at a home remodel job to the home owners a price to do the remodel for them !
It turns out that the home owners are 2 married gay guys! When I got to the house I found out that was going to finally a little chance to get a dick to suck on if I’m lucky enough I’ll be able to have 2 cocks to play with and if I’m really I’ll be able get the both of them to fuck me in my ass And even have the 2 of them in my ass at the same time! I’d love to have that happen for me I’ve never had a chance before to get double fucked in my ass by 2 goys ! So I walked in the house and they started to dupe w me around the house and told me what they wanted me to do around theyhier house! So they showed me a bedroom that they started to convert into a adult play room they already had a sex swing set up in the bedroom area !
They wanted me to make a turn table bed and run a few camera wires through out the 4 corners of the bedroom ! So after about 2 hours looking around and making so notes of work to be done ! Do we talked about the remodel work for get done I told them that I’ll send them a proposal by email in the next few days and if they agree on my price I’ll need to come back over to get a deposit from them ! So the fallowing weekend I went back to their house to pick up my deposit from them ! As I got there they are making breakfast and they asked me to John them for breakfast so I did and I noticed how the 2 of them are looking at them with a funny look on their faces it was kind of a lustful look that where giving me ! So we talked about the things I’ll be doing to make everything happen with what they wanted to get done ! So they agreed with my prices and ideas completely! They asked me how long it will take to get all of the work completed I told them about 3 weeks ! As long as I don’t get delayed bi you guys! They also wanted me to keep everything I’m doing for them on the down low !
But me getting really curious why they wanted these things done! They said to me that they have a member’s club meeting at their house twice a month! Basically they told me that it’s a group of people who really enjoy having sex with all different sexuality and being viewed by other people that are Boyers !
I told them that really sounds like a lot of fun to be involved with that!
So I told that my wife and I are both bisexuals that we would be interested in joining your group!
So when I started doing the job I was felling really horny from working at their house I was felling really bold and asked them if I can give them a blowjob ! They didn’t say a word to me they just unzipped their pants and pulled them down for me to see that are already getting hard so I walked over and got down on my knees and started sucking on both of their cocks ! I was so turned on I couldn’t control myself I let them Cumm in my mouth after I already had Cumm in my pants!
Of course before I was done with the job I was letting them fuck me a few times a week until the job was done !
After all the work was done I was paid in full they told me that my wife and I come over for the member’s meetings very much ! They also told me that the members are gays bisexuals and transgenders! That you don’t need to be afraid because everything that happen here with our group stay with our members on the down low !

1 month ago

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    • A contractor getting involved with his customers on the job and getting fucked in his ass at the same time !
      That’s really fucking hot !
      I’m a contractor also but that’s never happened to me before !
      Your a lucky ass contractor !!

    • Lie to me and tell me that your wife knows!

    • Of course she knows because I told her that happened with them and me . Hell she went over with me to loin them so all 4 of us can have fun together she loves to see having a man with his dick up my ass ! That makes her get really horny when I get fucked by a man and I tell her about it ! The same night I tell her she makes me Fuchs her in her ass because I told her that was done to me !

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