They shouldn’t have give me a key

A number of years ago I worked at a daycare that my then-girlfriend showed me. Long story short, one of my coworkers quit and I was made a new key carrier to the building. Well, not long after the pandemic first started, the business closed and I stopped being in contact with the owners and managers. One day, I was driving back home from somewhere. I don’t remember where I was going or where I started from, but I remember it was a long drive and when I got home I was expecting to have the house to myself. I remember thinking I was going to have some ‘personal time’ and my imagination started to wander. I had gotten a little heated up in the car ride, and since the building was basically abandoned at this point I knew no one would question why I was there. “Fuck it,” I said. I pulled in and unlocked the side door, doing a quick check of the small building before locking myself in the bathroom, loading up my favorite video, and rubbing one it before I even got home. The plumbing still worked, thankfully. I cleaned myself up, went home, and never went back. Not my proudest moment, but still worth it.

1 month ago

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