Wife at Glory Hole

My wife asked one day out of the blue about glory holes and whether they actually existed. I told her that they did and she asked me how I knew. I told her that the guys at work told me about a place and had invited me but I had never gone since I got plenty of sex at home. My wife said that she had heard about them from a longtime friend of hers that said she and her husband went about every month. I asked her if she knew what happened at a glory hole. She told me that her friend said that she sucked men off when they went. Her friend said that sometimes her husband fucked her while she sucked a guy off.
Our conversation stopped while we ate dinner and when we went to bed my wife sucked me off before I fucked her. The next day was Saturday and my wife asked me if I would take her to the place that has the glory holes which is about a two hour drive away. I asked if she only wanted to check it out or did she want to suck other cocks. She smiled at me and said that she wanted to suck another cock since mine was the only one that she had ever done. I had never thought about my wife sucking another guy off before she had brought it up on Friday. But during the night I kept thinking about my sweet wife with another guy's cock in her mouth and him coming and I wanted to see it happen.
So we left in the late afternoon to go to a restaurant and eat and then go to the glory hole place. Before we left my wife wanted to know what to wear and I told her the less clothes the better. She dressed in a short skirt and a button shirt which she hadn't worn since college without any underwear. She told me to not pull the car out of the garage until she got in since she didn't want any of our neighbors seeing her dressed like that. As we were driving she told me not to speed since she didn't want us to get stopped and have a policeman see her basically undressed. I told her that if we got stopped she should make sure that she was all exposed and maybe the cop would let us off.
The parking lot was nearly full when we got to the glory hole. We walked in and there were several guys standing around and we went up to the counter and the guy told us where to go. As we walked down a hallway a couple of guys followed us and we quickly went into a booth. We kissed when we got into the booth and when we stopped there was a dick sticking through the wall. I saw it first and I turned my wife around so that she saw it. Her eyes lit up and knelt down and ran her tongue up and down the dick. Then she took it into her mouth and soon was taking it all the way down her throat. At that point the guy started fucking my wife's mouth and I put my hand behind her head and pushed up against the hole so that the guy could get as deep in her mouth as he could. It didn't take very long before the guy came in my wife's mouth. She turned away from the hole and looked up at me and showed me the come in her mouth. I lifted her up and kissed her and we both swallowed his come. It was quiet for a few minutes until a dick came through the other side wall and it was big and black. I wasn't sure that my wife was ready for a black dick but she quickly got down and took it in her mouth. I was really hard and needed to come so while she had a black dick in her mouth I got behind her and put my dick in her. I would push into her and the guy would push his dick into her mouth at the same time and then we would both pull out. I could see both my dick going into my wife and his black dick going into my wife and I came quickly. Then my wife turned around and backed her cunt up and the guys' large dick entered her. I leaned down and kissed my wife as the black guy roughly fucked her. My wife was moaning and then came and the black guy came inside her. Then he pulled his dick out of the hole and left. I pulled my wife up and kissed her. She said that we should leave and after a few minutes we did.
As we walked out there were several guys there and one of them was black. He came over to us and said that he had enjoyed fucking her. He walked out with us and asked if we wanted to party some more. He said that he would get a hotel room and invite a few of his friends. He said that he was sure that they would all want to fuck her. My wife asked me if it was okay as we were getting to our car. I said that I would do whatever she wanted. We could go home or we could go to the hotel where she would be fucked many times. My wife said l want to go to the hotel. When we got there, there were three guys all black and the guy from the glory hole. I sat in a chair and watched as all four of them fucked my wife. Then they left and my wife and I laid on the bed which was wet from the come dripping out of her cunt. We fell asleep and then it was morning. I got between her legs and fucked her feeling their come inside her. We left without showering and went home. We didn't talk about it at all until the next Friday when my wife said we should do it again.

11 months ago


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    • You have a lovely wife

    • That is so hot I wish my straight laced sexy Colombian wife would do that
      would love to have your wife take mine to a glory hole and turn her into a cum dumpster

    • Hot hot hot. I’d love it to be my wife

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