I do bit house cleaning on side but family funreal come up and had go north for that and one the old men i work for said he give me lift and stay hotel so give lift back next day well we went north and he droped me at familes then he went of to his hotel later that night about 11pm i called him asking if we could chat and would he come get me and he did i said lets go back his hotel so i could have drink went his room and see there was 2 single beds saying to him why dont he have drink to and if ok i use other bed so that what we did chatted had bottle wine watched bit tv then i got into bed seeing hin get up turn light of go bathroom and could hear having shower and when he retured could see he was naked from bathroom light then he got into bed and we went sleep i woke and had myself shower and not getting dressed as he was still sleeping went made myself coffee then he said goodmorning thinking what to do just asked if he like one to he said yes so i made and just took over to him passed over and sat on edge bed looking at him chatting but he keep looking away i asked whats up dont like what see he said far from if making him horny i said o yes show me as seen me and he pulled duvet back showing a hard cock i said bet like have wank and sort that out well lets watch each other as she gets horny in mornins and sat back on bed spreading and raising legs starting rubbing herself and he started doing as well i do come quick and soon did so i told him carry on and i spread myself teasing him and was not long he said was cuming i said inside me want feel hot cum agine and pulled myself wide as he slide inside me deep and then filled me could feel his cum inside then starting dripping out of me i said dont normaly want sex just play with myself but been many years and enjoyed and we lie there me legs spread him watching his cum dripping out wiping as comes out i then said that was nice can i change my work shift to morning and we could do agine he said yes pls i did say dont expect sex often but we can watch each other

1 month ago

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