Super Bowl party

I am ready for my husbands Super bowl party. I am so excited that I have been playing with myself while preparing the snacks, I am going to have so much sex and I can barely contain myself. Every man coming today is going to get a blow job and hopefully pleasure me as well, last year was so much fun that I woke up this morning just bursting with excitement. I pulled back the covers and attacked my husbands cock sucking him awake like he loves.

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  • If anyone is still reading this post and wondering where to find the follow up story just type "Super bowl party girl" in the search box and it will come up. Thanks for reading and all the great comments.

  • So glad I’m not the only one sucking a bunch of dicks during Super Bowl.

  • I will write about the day and title it Super Bowl party girl.

  • So how did it go? I would love to suck a bunch of dicks in a row.

  • It was a lot of fun, game was great but I did not get to see much of it after the 2nd quarter until about the last five minutes of the game. I was a busy girl with food and entertaining.

  • A good wife you are.

  • Suck just friends but him you dumb cunt

  • No way! Cannot leave Hubs out of the fun, he received a few blow jobs on Sunday.

  • Did Hubby know you were busy satisfying his friends?

  • Well duh you dumbass

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