Swimming pool flashing

I’m female 56 but this was 20yrs ago when I was 36
Every Wednesday 20yrs I would go to my local swimming pool for a ladies hour so between 4 and 5 pm only women were allowed to swim
After that anything would go .
I had noticed that some young guys would go to their changing rooms at least 30 mins before the end of ladies hour and I figured out why by accident.
One of the ladies changing room cubicles was next to the male rooms and only separated by a wooden wall
I also noticed that when I closed the curtain it would darken enough to see there were small rays of light from tiny holes . I found out later though small on the ladies side they were larger on the male side.
So I decided to open the highest hole so I could see what the light was I used a nail file I had and that was how I saw where it was connected to the male changing room.
I covered the hole with a slight amount of the painted wood that came off and it was barely visible when I put it back.
When my swim finished at 5 pm I could hear boys giggling as I walked into the cubicle ,I started taking my cosy off and I heard one of them whisper to his friend “ fuck this ones got huge tits and a hairy cunt “.
This shocked me a bit but got me excited at the same time, I decided to tease who ever was there so I stood far enough away from the holes so I could show off .
I could hear fidgeting noises on the other side and at least one of the holes had gone dark so I knew someone was watching .
I stated to dry myself and concentrated on my pussy with one leg up on the seat so who ever was looking had a clear view of me fully open.
I wasn’t long and got dressed so decided to go to the cafe to watch for half hour
While sitting there two young guys about 17 came in and I saw one of them tap his friend and seemed to be making gestures to his friend in my direction
I figured that they must have been the ones watching me.
A week later I decided I would put on a better show so the day before I went I had completely remove any trace of hair being smooth and my plan was to finish ten mins early in case they were there
Time came abs sure enough as I started to walk to the cubicle I could the same voices and as soon as I got in it went quiet .
Again the rays of light from the holes darkened
I started to take off my cosy and heard a whisper again this time it was “ fuck she has shaved her cunt wow “
That got a tingle between my legs and after I dried I started to rub my clit in full view of their spy holes.
I carried on for at least ten mins but didn’t come just pretended too .
I went straight to the cafe again and that’s when they came in and sat close to where I was and started to make slightly awkward small talk
One of them asked where I was from and when I told them they said oh we are not far away and we were about to go and catch the bus home , can we have a lift with you please .?
I thought cheeky buggers but said yes no problem .
We got in my car and I drove them home one of the boys said can I go a little further up to my house which again I thought was cheeky but laughed and said sure. The little bugger then said oh I think I may need to phone my dad to see if he left the key out for me can you come with me to back door to check he left the key for me as he won’t be home till 8.
I thought that is a weird request and didn’t make much sense but figured ok he must be a bit lonely or just wanted a bit of company either way it wouldn’t take me long .
The key was under the mat as he thought he turned to me and said thank you, would you like to see my cat she is a Manx and had no tail
Wow I said sure anyway I walked in the kitchen and there it was lovely looking thing
I said she is lovely but I better get going .
At that point he said you have a fantastic body
This took me aback as he was basically owning up to his spying on me. I could feel my self going red and didn’t know what to say but just giggled and said thank you . He then blurted it out what he had done I played stupid abs said I don’t know what you mean ?
Then he said can I see you here ?
What do you mean I said ?
Show me your shaved cunt
I was gob snaked but it sent a tingle up thighs .
He sat down and said it again and also said sit down and show me .
I don’t know why but I sat down and lifted up my skirt so he could see my sheer knickers .
He pulled his cock out of his jeans and started to masturbate
He said take your knickers off please abd give them to me , I did as he said and he took them and put them close to his nose
That really made me wet I didn’t do anything but watched him masturbate within 2 or 3 mins he stood up and shot a load of cum in to his hand and I front of my licked it up . I was stunned.
He asked if he could touch me but I said no I have to go he kept my knickers and I left he said will you be there next week I said probably .
I went home went quickly upstairs and rubbed my clit as fast as I could
I came 5 times in 20 mins my pussy was soaking I was so turned on.
This was the first of many encounters with the young guys it got a lot friskier as you can imagine .
I’ve never told a soul before and not told my husband who I hadn’t met yet even though we are aware of sexual partners of the past this episode of my life is hidden

1.1 years ago

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    • Did he finally fuck you?

    • Hot! I've done things like the boys in the beginning of the OP only I was a LOT younger. Most times the women would freak out and I'd be busted. Since I was just a kid I mostly got spanked and banned.

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