I watched

I caught my girlfriend fucking her dad!!! I dont kno how the hell it got going but when i came home one day they were naked in my bed. I couldve stopped it bcuz they were just getting starting but as mad as i was i was also mesmerized. This old bastard had a huge fkn dick too. I remember her gagging on it as it barely fit in her mouth. When she said i need u inside me now i had precum pouring down my leg. She always uses condoms but i sat there n watched him put his big fat dick inside my womans pussy with no condom. He pounded her pussy deep. She seemed to really enjoy his big cock. She told him that he needed to pull out bcuz she was ovulating. He looked in her eyes n told her i want u to have my baby. She said give it to me daddy, fill ur little girl up. He said omg baby im gonna cum so hard n starting pounding her. She yelped from the pain n said omg daddy ur so deep i can feel u in my womb. He said good im gonna pump my seed strait into ur guts. He rammed it so deep i thot he was gonna break her hips n he just starting cumming inside of her. Ive never seen someone cum so much. He pumped her full for like 45 seconds strait. He kept saying take daddys load like a good girl n she kept saying blow it in my guts daddy. This turned me on so much. Ive never told her about it. I wanna watch again

10 months ago

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    • Did she get pregnant?

    • Well it’s been 8 months is she getting close to delivering you daddy in-laws baby?

    • Hot. You should've fucked her too.

    • Fuck that’s hot

    • I got to join my wife and her dad to fuck the living shit out of her.
      The first time I saw it was via a video she sent me and I came without touching my cock. We did this several times

    • Nice!

    • With any luck at all she'll begat something like Joffery from King of Thrones.

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