Nasty Snatches

My ole ladies cunt smells like dead rotting fishes. She wants me to eat her before we fuck but holy shit her cunt smells. I tried holding my breath but I can't do that for very long. Plus her pussy juice on my cock makes me stink. I have to go wash my dick and balls off a couple times with scented soap or I can't stand myself.

Anyone else have a wife or girlfriend with a nasty stinking fuck hole? Like to know if this is common. I don't know as my wife was also my first sexual experience. Pee the fuck you it stinks. Whew!

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  • She obviously has a vaginal infection of some sort. A seven day course of antibiotics will probably clear that shit up. In the mean time, squirt a bottle of Febreze up her cooch and for God's sake, don't put your face near that thing.

  • Wear a gas mask maybe she will get the hint. Nasty fucking cunts going on here.

  • I wouldn't even FUCK anything that smelled that bad ! Tell her to clean that cunt ! They make feminine products for such shit. Uphold your standards, man !

  • No that's not normal.

  • Some girls smell more than others, and it only gets worse the older they get. But if it's too bad, might be something wrong. May want to get her checked out.

  • Ummm... maybe your wife should visit a gynecologist.

  • The Dr. fucking threw up after one whiff of her nasty snatch. It was like a green cloud drifting around the room and the assistants all fell the fuck out from the smell. Whew!

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