Who wants my wife

My wife told me that her and her sister were talking. My wife told me that she would let me fuck her sister without any rules for 24 hours. She said as long as I can find a clean guy she has never met with a dick bigger and fatter than mine. I am a solid 8" and slightly above average thickness. She said she wants me to find a guy that will get tested to make sure he is clean. She wants to meet the guy and be able to fuck him raw and let him cum in her everywhere. She said the bigger the better. She is 4'11" and 105 pounds from Ecuador. C cup tittys with brown nipples and a meaty cunt with nice brown and pink pussy lips. She said the guy has to be clean and in decent shape. She said it was a fantasy of hers to fuck a guy who she just meets with the biggest one she ever had. And she wants the guy to push it all in when they cum in her. She said we both get two rooms connected and we can hang out overnight and fuck each of them all day and night. No jealousy at all. She told me that her sister will take a pill the next day after so she won't get pregnant. My wife had an IUD. She can't get pregnant. She told me that her sister has always wanted to fuck me. She is 7 years younger than my wife and has only had 3 men in her life. A total of only 15 times and she is 28. None of them were near the same size as mine. She is an inch shorter than my wife but her ass is alot rounder because she works out every day. I really want to fuck her sister so bad. Can anyone please help me out and fuck my wife really good. All you need is a big ass jammy and to be clean. I'll fly the right dude here. Just give her what she wants. Where can I find someone? I'm going nuts not knowing how to find someone to do it. Sounds simple but.....

1.1 years ago


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    • Hey you found the right guy bro :) email me lilanaana21@gmail.com

    • Send her pics to benwakenjohnson@yahoo.com

    • Id love to fuck ur wife! Hit me up!

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