Sissy maid

My room mate Bob didnt allow me to dress feminine in his house. I couldn't help it , I had to dress up often , when the urge hit I had to do it because I wòuld start feeling bad and the longer I waited the worse it felt . I went to see a doctor and after a complete examination he told me there is nothing wrong with me ,that it is all in my head . I couldn't take the headaches or being forced to stay in my room or go somewhere if I wanted to be feminine so I told Bob about my need to be feminine and what happens if I don't fill my need to be girly and begged him to let me dress up . He told me he didn't care so I begged and pleaded saying id do anything he wanted if he would allow me to dress up in his house and not have to stay in my room. He told me anything covers a lot of possible things and at that point I was so desperate that I said I didn't care ,I was willing to do whatever he said no matter what. Bob smiled and told me to go get all girlied up and come back and he would have his decission. I ran to my room and got all fixed up and made myself look as pretty and passable as I could and returned to where Bob was . Bob smiled and told me that I looked pretty. He said he would allow me to dress feminine but only if I agreed to his terms. I smiled and said I agree with what ever you want and Bob said I should hear what he had to say before agreeing . I told him I didn't care ,being allowed to dress and be me would make me so happy and what ever I had to do worth it .Bob laughed and told me if that was the way I really wanted to do it ,I said yes I do and he told me he would make out a contract and if I agreed to abide by it and signed it he would let me dress feminine . I was so happy that I fixed supper and when he sat at the table he handed me a folder telling me that it was a contract and if I wanted to dress up and all in his house I had to sign it saying I agreed to everything and accepted his rules. I took the pen he handed me and without reading it answered the places that asked questions then signed both copies and handed them back to Bob. He shook his head saying that I really wanted to do this bad ,so bad that I just agreed to be his sissy slave to get to dress like a girl. He handed me one of them and told me I needed to read what I just agreed to because he was going to make me do everything that I just agreed to . I read thròugh it quickly and told him I understood that I was his slave and would dress and act totally feminine at all times and said that I was going to be so happy then called him Master asking what I could do to make him happy. Bob shook his head smiling and told me to get on my knees and pull his cock out and suck him off. Without hesitating I dropped to my knees pulled his cock out and smiled telling him it was huge then wrapped my red lips around it and sucked it till he came . He came so hard and his cum filled my mouth as fast as I could swallow it but I didn't waste a drop lime a good sissy. It is six months later and Master fucks my sissy mouth and ass at least two times a day now. As his sissy slave I am totally feminized at all times, I have to be dressed makeup and all when I walk in his house which is a challenge some times but worth it. I do all the cooking ,cleaning, and the laundry ,,his and when he tells me to other people's as well. Master has girlfriends but still uses me sexually as well any time he wants to. He has told many of his friends and family about me saying I am his live in sissy maid and it explains what I am and why I am to him. By saying im his live in sissy maid he doesnt have to tell them that he is fucking me . If someone asks if he is fucking me he says that I am a sissy and his maid then asks why would he fuck the maid ,saying he has real women to fuck which is true. He has sex with several women but none of them let him do all the kinky nasty shit that he likes to do and does to me. When he says he isn't fucking me there are always men wanting to fuck me and he tells me they are free to fuck me if they want and even says he will she them up with me which consists of Master telling me telling me who the guy is and when I am going to be his whore because I am expected to do what ever the men want no matter what and they all treat me like a whore but I love it

1 month ago

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