Sissy so happy

Hi everyone my name is Scott I am from Lakeland Florida I am a submissive sissy well I have been going to a local park in my hometown in search of some cock well today so I sitting in my car and this pickup pulls up and it had two blacken inside the rolls his window down and ask if I would give him and his friend a blow job I said yes well I got out he open his door and there was the blackest cock I have ever seen it was 8 inches and nice thickness so I went down on him sucking him and the other guy comes around the truck and he said I going to with my big cock all he was get ready bitch my 10 inch very thick black cock is gone to fuck you so had and when he rammed it inside me I pulled my mouth off his cock and screamed like a sissy girl but made me cum wright then so these guys traded off and I sucked and got fucked for about 2 and half hours I was in heaven it was so good had many little orgasms and they both filled me up with their cum and my jaws were sore but my ass was so open up and sore it felt so good to be used and humiliated by these men they told I was going to be famous I said how and we video taped it and putting on line calling it sissy Scott now if they did that's ok with if they didn't that's ok but all I know is I had so much fun being a sissy for them I hope to get some positive feedback from this it was so much fun

1 month ago


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    • I'm sissy and have been since I was a little kid. I started high school last year and went to a party where the other boys cammed it and it's horrible.

    • You were honest and open about it. good on you

    • Thank you love being a sissy

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