Revenge is Salty

I had pissed off a younger playmate by cumming in his mouth, without any warning. I had never done it before. We were doing a sixty-nine on a discarded car bench seat, in the woods. I just lost it in a fit of passion. He crawled off, spit, retched and told me, forcefully, to never do that again. I swore to him that I wouldn't, and never did.

But, I knew he wouldn't let it ride. I had never taken his load in the mouth, or, ass. One night, months later, we were partying with a mutual friend. There was drugs and alcohol involved. I passed out in an easy chair, and came to with my two friends giggling. They were both completely naked and fully erect, staring at me, giggling, and stroking. I tried to get up, and found I was tied and taped to the chair.

With the other one behind me, holding my head tight, my playmate forced his eight inch boner into my mouth. He warned me not to bite, and he began face fucking me, furiously. I gagged and choked as they both laughed. He fucked me even harder, only pulling it out to slap my face with it. Then, back in it went, plunging like a piston. At long last, he stiffened even more, grunted, and fired his load. It coated my mouth, and throat. It was, mostly, salty, maybe just a little funky. " Like that, motherfucker ? " he asked as he wiped his flared dickhead on my lips.

Our mutual friend took over with a dick almost as long, but, considerably thinner. He jabbed and plunged for almost twenty minutes before he decided he couldn't cum. My playmate lazily stroked himself and lit a joint. Our friend, seeing the bulge in my jeans, unzipped me and pulled out my dick and balls. "He's hard as Chinese arithmetic ! " he announced. So, they began taking turns holding the joint to my pubic hair, singing and sizzling them. The smell of burnt hair rose around me as my erection melted.

Our friend finally jacked off, and forced my mouth open for his load. It too was salty, but, lots more funky, like dirty socks and underwear. They put their clothes back on, drank the last of the beer and wine, took more pills, and passed out. With much squirming, and twisting I managed to loosen the ropes, and tearing through the duct tape was a cinch. I stared at their gaped and drooling mouths for a long time. Then, I went out to my car and retrieved my bondage kit.

11 months ago

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    • It’s to bad that some people don’t like a man to Cumm in there mouth! That really sucks and not in a good way ! Me personally I’m a married bisexual man that loves sucking a nice cock and let him dump his hot load in my mouth ! And my wife even love to watch me sucking on a nice fat cock she’ll stand back and record me sucking a mans cock !
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      And believe me knows how to hit the right spot !
      Some times she will invite a few of her transgender friends over for dinner and drinks ! After we are done eaten dinner we will go into our backyard pool hot tub area and get naked !
      Now that’s when the party really gets started !
      And believe I don’t mind at all !!
      Because I already know that I’m to be used like a living sex doll !
      And I’ll enjoy everything that they give me !
      I’ve been there and done that before and I’m going to do it again and again! There’s nothing lick some beautiful chicks with ducks !
      That’s what makes my really jhorny ! Even better is that my wife allows this to happen because she knows when we are al done that I’m going to give a good long pussy eating and a hard fuvv CB king to thank her for the intense night of sex with her friends!
      Our sex life is so good that we won change a thing as long as we keep the spice alive between us !
      I love my so much for being so open minded when it comes to my needs !
      As long as I satisfy her wants and needs I’ll receive mine back 10 fold
      With the double penetration facial Cumm shots I couldn’t ask for any more from a great wife !!!!
      I’m a very lucky guy

    • I draw the line at sucking a "Vick" . And, "chicks with ducks" ? Don't get me started !

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