Punishment for being a sissy

I was in my room ,dressed so girly in my bra and panties,,skirt and top with my hair,nails and makeup done.I felt so sexy and naughty and so alive because I am a male, dressed totally feminine ,,I am a sissy. I was watching sissy porn when all of a sudden my bedroom door flew open, and Robert quickly entered my room smiling like he just won the lottery. He asked me to tell him what the rule was concerning me wearing womens clothes.. I swallowed hard and told him that I am not allowed to dress feminine at all. He asked me what my punishment was for breaking that rule. I Begged him to please dont make me do that ,,he yelled at me telling me to say it !! I looked down at the high heeled boots I had on and quietly told him that I dressed up in skirts and heels because I wanted to be his bitch. He smiled and told me to ask him ..Please Master ,,PLEASE let me be your little bitch.I want to suck your big cock so badly and need my sissy cunt fucked nice and hard.He asked me if I was sure that I wanted to be his sissy slave,, I did not hesitate ,,i begged Robert to make me dress and act totally feminine 24/7 as punishment for being such a bad little sissy . Robert told me to get go ask the neighbor for some boxes ,he said three would be enough to hold all of my clothes . As I was about to walk off Master said ,,Cindy,,dont forget to thank our neighbor for letting you have some boxes. Our next door neighbor is a big black man that loves it when I suck his huge cock and always makes me suck him off in either his or our front yard so our neighbors get to watch . Everyone in the neighborhood knows that I am a sissy and I suck most of the men in the nieghborhoods cocks .

18 days ago

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    • My name is Cassie I am a sissy too I love this story I love to suck cock also and yes I feel more alive and love dressing feminine you go girl

    • When I caught mt step son wearing my clothes the other day I told the sissy since he liked to wear girls clothes so much that I was going to make him dress in a skirt and heels when he went to his schools foot ball game next weekend so all the kids at school can see that he likes being a sissy .I told him that his life was going to change when the boys from school see him walking to the game. I told him that he is going to be popular after he sucks a few class mates cocks,word will get around fast and there is going to be all kinds of boys walking up wanting their cocks sucked

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