My dominant wife and my son

My wife is very dominant and she loves being married to a sissy .She controls me completely ,and has trained me to be totally obediant .That is why when she told me she has decide she wants a daughter and is going to feminize our 10 year old son I didnt tell her she couldnt.If I do anything wrong,,make her mad or what ever reason she decides i need a spanking she will give me one that hurts and will leave marks for weeks .She told me that next weekend when our son is at his friends for the weekend I will redecorate his room and transform it into a little girls bedroom including getting rid of everything of his so she can replace it all with girls things.It doesnt matter if he wants to do this my wife is going to force him and punish him until he willingly lets himself become totally feminized just like she did with me. I dont think she should do this but I have no say so oon the matter and have to help weather I want to or not .When she begins his transformation she will make me dress in front of him so he sees his daddy is a sissy also

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  • I just re married and my wife has a 14 year old son who will never grow up big and strong and never be a man .She wants me to help feminize him .I am excited and ready to get started on turning her son into a sissy whore that I will pimp out and keep the cash for myself. I am going to enjoy the many hours of training to make him into a good cock sucker. I plan to force him to deep throat me until he can do it like a pro.

  • I think that is a very good idea and you should get involved in any way possible weather you want to or not. You should dress totally feminine all the time to help your little girl feel comfortable with her new life . My mom began my transformation when I was 14 when her new boyfriend told her to do it .It was rough at first but I learned to accept my new life and stopped resisting when he spanked me any time he felt I needed it.Mom let her black boyfriend teach me all about sex to make sure I would become addicted to black cock

  • Seek help.

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