Wanting to swallow a nut

Would love to get high and suck a big black cock. Till he made me swallow every drop. And then smoke a little more and have him Fuck me till he cums in me. This cant be so tough gotta be a black guy the likes to smoke and have sex. I only want a black male though. I think interracial is so sexy. Damn I want to be used. Married wm 40. Guess I'm just dreaming but damn if I wouldn't let him have me. Interested in bi I've sucked and swallowed but just never got run up in yet. And I crave it i should be ashamed cause im married and love y squirting wife's sloppy big pussy. Would love to be fucked while I'm in her Pussy but that will never happen. Would like to have a black hooker and a black male. That would be hot, while eating her he hits me from behind as my ass is way up for him. She'd cum on my face and he'd nut in my ass. Would be hot. Guess just dreaming though cause I cant score to save my life. Just want to suck and Fuck a black top and be able to just submit and let him do as he pleases no pain of course or slapping .

8 days ago

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    • One time I was craving bbc so I took a big shit and I sucked it and it was just like a black cock
      then I took it and shoved it in and out of my ass and it was like being fucked by a big black cock

    • Im right there with you. Want to experience a dick. I'm 31 married. Love pussy but want a bbc

    • Do it. Go to your local adult bookstore or gay bar, or check out sniffies for the curious or Doublelist to find guys in your area.

    • If there's a Martin Luther King Blvd in your town that's where all the gay men are

    • And niggers

    • Well now you're just repeating yourself

    • Bitch we aint gay we just learnt to suck cock in the joint goin sissy aint gay

    • Oh my god, I love every bit of what you said. I'm a married guy and I love getting stoned and sucking dick. I've never eaten a pussy while getting fucked in the ass, but I fantasize about it a lot. I've been spitroasted once though, a 6 or 7 inch cut, thick, sturdy black dick fucked my mouth while an even bigger white dick fucked my ass. I've sucked about 4 black dicks, one was every bit of 10 inches cut, that thick 6-7 incher when I got spitroasted, a big uncut 7-8 incher, and a slim but really sturdy 5 inch cut. That was the last one, the 5 inch. He was a big, stocky bull. Big chest, big arms and legs, tight little stomach. He fucked me silly. That was the last time I was fucked. It's been 7 years since I had some nigger dick. Hell yeah, I'd love to have a thick 9 inches of black dick stretching my man pussy while I lick my wife's pussy and ass. A big nigger dick, or four sounds so fucking good right now.

    • Best part bitch is Id steal your wallet after

    • Right? I had a nigger try to lift my wallet when he was choking on my dick.

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