Our Hot Springs trip last Summer.

I was watching some porn sites the last couple of years, trying to do it while the wife was asleep, not sure she would like it.
My favorite was one called "Nao", a Japanese gal that goes to outdoor Jacuzzis in Japan. My wife looks a lot like here and she is also mostly Japanese, so it was a fun fantasy and I liked the reactions of guys that saw her.
But one morning the wife woke up early and I was "busy" so I didn't hear her coming. I was busted, things in hand. She didn't get mad, she thought it was funny, then demanded to watch the video.
That was pretty cool, we sat and watched and both got turned on and we had a good time on the couch.
Then she asked me if I wanted to see her do something like that. I said it would be a kick, but there are no Jacuzzis in our town.
But up on Mount Hood is a hot springs place, and it has coed hot tubs, things like that, so we made arrangements for a weekend.
My wife (Miako) was a bit nervous, we got there, put on suits and went to the pool. The coed hot tub area was fenced and off to the side, so finally we went in and undressed. There was an older couple, and 3 guys in their 30's. It took awhile, the couple left, finally Miako sat on the edge and di the lean back and blatantly spread her legs bit, just like the video. The guys were sure taking note, laughing and enjoying the show, we all but ran back to our cabin to make love. We did it again the next day but just one guy was in there and he was bashful, kept looking away. We plan on doing it again this Summer when the weather warms up.

2 months ago

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    • Our French West Indies resort pool was nude after 10PM -- my hot wife AMY was easily best in class. I understood most French, just couldn't speak it. They didn't know we understood. They openly talked about taking turns fucking Amy in the shallow end. Even their women were in on it. She would flaunt it more hearing their fantasy.

    • Update: When my wife Maiko did the big legs spread thing for the guys at the hot tub, I should have gotten it on camera but I never even thought of that.
      So I asked her if I could do that, and post it online if I blurred out her face.
      She said sure at first but now has cold feet at the idea.
      She did admit that doing that so blatantly, she even reached down with both hands and spread herself, got her hot and bothered. It was a good 15 minutes, turning this way and that, letting them see everything. She is rather hairy but with her lips pulled apart, pink shows very nicely and I noticed she swelled up like I had seldom seen before.
      One of the guys was obviously jacking off but he was under the water so we couldn't really see that.
      Next Month we plan to drive up to Portland, they have some hot tub places there a person can rent. Still checking to see if any of them are coed, does anyone know?
      There are some nude beaches up there but it needs to get warmer for that.

    • Can I watch you two play? I live in Bend. bnd_lvr4@mail.com hope to hear from you!

    • Sounds like you had fun go for it. It so nice that you as your wife can share this. Good luck in the future.

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