I guess I am a pervert?

My wife is a tiny woman, just 4'8" and 93 pounds, but she is blessed with a pair of boobs most women would die for.
I love to show her off, and she enjoys it also, after our escapades we head home and make love most of the evening.
Our main fun is a place called Rooster Rock East of Portland, the far end of the beach allows nudity.
There are some trees there, my wife and I go back in there a ways, find a spot by the trail and strip down. She puts on blatant displays, legs spread wide so guys walking back and forth can see everything.
Most just walk by several times, but a few sit down nearby to watch, she will spread her lips, and often masturbate for them.
A couple of weeks ago, we were out there and who should walk by but her manager at the Starbucks she works at, at first it was a concern but then we realized he and his girl were naked also and so far there has been no comments.

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    • Your wife sounds like she is a fun time. Watch out for Starbucks though, they must put something in the coffee.

      My ex wife goes there after her morning workouts. She would go directly from the gym in her workout clothes. She is very pretty with red hair, tall and slender with amazing 32D tits (Fake of course, happy 25th birthday). She would go and order a coffee and sit there for a bit to see if anyone would hit on her. Given how hot she is, many times she would get hit in. She had three affairs as a result of going to Starbucks. Well two affairs and one of the young 20-something baristas just fucked her a bunch of times. The two affairs were with older men. Much older men.

    • I showed my boobies to the cops tonight!!!

    • Good for you! Was it to get out of a speeding ticket or did you just show your tits to say thank you for your service?

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