Hot Tub rental place

Ever since my wife and I married, she was 19 and I was 20, I had this urge to have her let strangers get glimpses of her body.
At first she resisted the idea, but going without a bra seemed to turn her on.
One day we went to a fancy restaurant, she had on a black slinky dress with a very low cut top, by then she had figured out that letting her shoulder fall forward was a good way to give someone an "accidental" tittie peek, clear to her nipple.
At that point, that was her most blatant, she had the waiter hanging over her shoulder all evening.
I wanted even more, so I suggested this spa in our medium sized west coast city, they feature coed hot tubs. She hesitantly agreed to go, when we got there, there were a few people all around. Like a trooper, she stripped naked, me also, and we went into the tub which is actually a small pool.
It took awhile, one couple left and one older woman did, leaving just us and two men in their 40's.
It was perfect, she hopped up on the edge of the tub, leaned back and began to allow her legs to open. The guys noticed that instantly, both of them slid a bit closer, so she then opened as wide as she could go.
One of them moved over right in front of her, she just smiled at him.
Then the attendant came out and told her to stop, I guess things like that happened before. We left, and since then she has done that several times at beaches, and one crazy one at a shoe store when an older man went all but nuts when he realized she had no panties on.
So far that hot tub place was by far the best, but we can't go back there since they kicked us out.

3 months ago

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    • Topless bar near my wife's (Kate) college had College Girl Night once a month. 1,000 miles from home and broke, I'll do this. She has firm D cups, bikini body. She almost quit before she took her top off 30 minutes into her dance. By the end of the night she was loving it. She actually worked some Saturdays with the regular strippers. I met her after college and had no idea she poll danced. We're at rowdy bar and a girl is flashing her small tits and getting free drinks.
      I told her the guys would you car if you flashed. Want me to, I will --- she said. We drank free for the rest of the night. She had her whole top and bra off, swaying her big tits like a pro. Small tits girl went home sober.

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    • My wife and I go to a place that has the same coed nude hot tub and pool nights. They make it very clear that any inappropriate exposure or sex will result in immediate removal. It’s a social gathering spot to meet like minded people , we see the same folks all the time. There are ways to show a little extra without being to obvious , my wife and several other ladies have figured it out. It’s actually fun, even us guys do it.

    • It happends dont be jelious mate

    • Only in porn movies and your sick minds!

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