Deep desires

I’ve been married to my wife for decades and we’ve experimented sexually down several paths. This includes foursomes, bisexual experiences, pegging, and allowed a guy to shoot his load in me. For several years my wife won’t go back to the playful lifestyle we once enjoyed. I now fantasize about her becoming a queen of spades inviting the the biggest black cocks to penetrate her holes in every way imaginable. I’ll be there to support and bat clean up as she desires.

11 months ago

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    • That is great you and your wife shared so many amazing sexual experiences. Do you know why your wife stopped indulging in sexual adventures?

      I have met several men (husbands) a more than a few women (wives) that admit to having sexual fantasies about black guys. Some, most are the usual run of the mill husband wants wife to take a BBC and become a slut for her black man. The ones that really intrigue me are the ones when the wife is a closeted BBC slut. I knew one wife well that spent years before she was married just getting used by any black guy wit a decent sized cock. After she got married she stopped for 2 years. Then her husband went out of town for 2 weeks and she bumped into a previous BBC that used to fuck her. She confided to me that he is the biggest cock she’s ever had and she will never say no to him. She loves her husband but “that gorgeous purple headed cock is so amazing I will never say no! Even if my husband is there!”

    • I love big black cock

    • My wife and I did the same thing. We had a lot of fun Experimenting with different kinds of sex. We both had bisexual sex. She didn't mind eating pussy but she couldn't get a orgasm with a woman. She even let 5 guys gangbang her. She's pegged me many times. But once she started fucking black guys things changed. She loved how they would call her every dirty name in the book. She would let a black guy fuck her any way he wanted the nastier one got with her the more she got turned on. She would have one Orgasm after the other. And yes I did clean up duties for her many times. It was hot watching her turn into a slut over the years. Once she started fucking black guys I was the only white guy she had sex with. Now that we are older she has slowed down a little. But she will still find a black guy to fuck now and then.

    • Id be interested in online play with your wife.

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