Desire to watch other men use my wife.

I have a strong desire to watch other men, who sense I'm weak and passive, grab my wife by her arm and lead her into our bedroom as she looks at me and I turn my head away in both shame and excitement. I give her no sex for a month so she would be horny. I can hear them both and he calls her his' slut as she is gaging on his large rod. After he drops several loads, she opens the door and is shamefully covered in cum, I watch her as she walks to the bathroom and my rod is pulsating, After he leaves, he brags to his friends and my cell rings several times a week, guys telling me they heard I like to listen and watch my wife being banged and I let the ones who tell me "you know you'd want to watch me use her like a tramp," come over and have their way with my wife.

Mar 20

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    • Totally love my wife getting fucked. I don't consider myself weak. I'm proud of my wife and love that other men get to enjoy her too. Unfortunately, I don't watch as she dates solo - but I fuck others too. I would love to watch but she prefers the scenario that she is cheating wife and doesn't tell lovers that I know. When she gets home I love licking her freshly fucked pussy while she tells me about the sex she had - and then I fuck her again.

    • It is pretty sexy watching your wife deep kissing with tongues - darn near as lusty-making as watching her with her heels digging into his butt to get him deeper in herself! The moaning into each other's mouths is really sexy! Both of her wet openings are being enjoyed by him!!

    • That is hot man love to talk about it

    • Sure Mike

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