The mess, smell and texture

Why can’t men control what they are doing when ejaculating, my boyfriend thinks it’s funny when it goes on the bed sheets, carpet and on my clothes.
The texture of it is horrible to get off fabric, he knows he’s in big trouble if it gets on my clothes or in my hair, why can’t he control the aiming.
And it’s not a nice smell when your trying to go to sleep.
Point it somewhere else, just not in my direction.

11 months ago

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    • I enjoy talking drunk women into sucking my cock outside of the bar. I like pulling out and intentionally cumming in their hair and on their cloths especially when they are married knowing they have to go home with the mess being visible. I think all women like it

    • I’m not gay but what’s wrong with cum ? I don’t want it all over the bed and carpet , just eat it out of the wife’s pussy or cum in my hand and eat it myself.
      No mess just the finishing touches to a sex night.

    • So hot love fantasizing about eating cum out of women pussy and ass licking 0ff there bod6

    • Everytime I cum in my wife she grabs her panties puts between her legs so it don't ooze on her side. Me I just let my cock drip all over on the sheets and go to sleep like a baby.

    • You should stop fucking all those black men.

    • I don't like my husband cumming on my clothes if there are good ones but if it's an old skirt or T shirt then OK. I also don't like cum on my face and hair but I'll go for it if we are in the shower together. As for the bed sheets, my body etc that's sex and I think that it's an added extra sometimes to see the result of sex. Most of the time he spurts it deep into my pussy and we deal with the leaks. It's all sex!

    • I've told you before and I'll tell you again: if you would just take it up the ass, you'd never have this problem.

    • Just because that works for you…

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