My wife loves cheating

My wife is addicted to sex. She opened up to me confessing that she has been cheating on me since we met. I admitted to her that I knew that she was cheating but didn't know with who. My wife then began to tell me something I would have never guessed. She told me that she couldn't begin to tell me how many men she has been with because there has been so many. She told me that she can't help it and that she loves the Adrenaline Rush she gets from fucking other men. She told me that she has fucked every guy that she works with including her boss. She has fucked several guys from her gym and she had even fucked several of my friends. My wife told me that she has ads on several dating sites and has fucked men she doesn't even know. She continued by telling me she has fucked several of her friends husband's and boyfriend's. She began crying and told me she has even fucked her dad, her step dad and two of her brothers. I was so shocked that I walked out without saying a word. I stayed gone for a week and kept an eye on things without my wife knowing. I followed her everywhere she went and she continued to cheat. She went to several different homes and hotels during the week. She even met her step dad at a hotel too. She fucked two different guys in a parking lot in her car. I called my wife and told her that I had been watching her and the only thing she said was "did you like it". I have not been home since then. The bad part is I love her and miss her. I think I'm going back and figure how to deal with it.


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  • I love sex and I'm a guy, I lost count of the women I had sex with. Short, tall black or white. I love them all

  • She probably has countless STS’s so feel free to stay with her. She is a sex nympho and she has now made you a Cuck. Sounds like you want someone to tell you to continue.

  • After I cheated my wife decided to get back at me by fucking this guy over and over again.They thought they'd humiliate me but nothing beats eating then fucking her well smashed and creamed pussy.

  • Update: So I have returned home to my wife. We have discussed what she is doing and she openly told me that she will not stop. She says she loves me and wants to stay married but she has to continue having sex whenever she wants. I have agreed to let her do what she wants but asked her if she could slow down a little. She told me she will not have rules and will not be regulated so if I can't deal with it then I need to leave. So far since I have been back home she has left me at home watching the kids three different nights while she goes out. Last night she got home at 1am. When she got in bed with me she wanted to have sex. She pushed my head down as we were getting started to go down on her. Even though I knew she had been with another man just before I did it anyway. I could taste his cum and She came almost instantly. She was very wet and very loose when I fucked her. I could not make her cum during sex because I came very fast. Not sure what's going on here but I have to admit that I liked it very much and couldn't stop thinking about what she had done right before she came home. She told me this morning that she won't be home right after work because she is meeting a friend for drinks. I guess this is my new life. At least it's not a secret anymore.

  • You are so lucky, I want my wife to do this

  • There is little doubt that she has many std's and she is passing them to you and that she doesn't care. I doubt that she cares if you come back or not. I guess you could become cuckold of that's your thing. she's probably love it but ultimately she won't care what happens to you. just my opinion.

    I had a girlfriend for 8 years that fucked everyone. everyone. crazy redhead, horrible person. didn't give rat's ass about anyone but herself. I made myself very depressed about it for years and years instead of just leaving her. wasted good years

  • Whoa bit much there.My wife confessed a year ago to cheating,saying it was something she did when she younger to get far in her job.She was in her early 20's and guys above her would flirt and want sex and even make offers.She had sex with them and liked it.10 years later she's in a higher position and fucks younger guys,its a bit of an addiction now for her,using her position for sex.I was ok with it because her job has given us a great life and it turns me on to know that my wife has a kind of power over the men who work under her and that she uses it for sex.

  • I have also fucked several men i work with to move up in position. I have no issue with it and neither does my husband. I get pissed off about all the #metoo bullshit because most of these women did it knowingly and now they want justice. Use that pussy for what is is fuck with men.

  • The best secretary I hired dropped to her knees and sucked my cock to completion during her interview while her husband waited in the car right outside my shop. The job was a toss up between her and two other women. She wanted to make sure I chose her. She had sucked me off many times over the years for days off or to leave early, always her offering. I'm sure if she wanted she could totally screw me over in the me too era.

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