Then or Now

Was your wife more of a slut back then when you started dating or now that you have been married for a while?
My wife was a good girl who fucked several guys before me but never fucked more than one guy at a time. After we started fucking, I told her that it wouldn't bother me if she also fucked other guys. To make it happen, I told a couple of my friends that she would fuck them if they asked her out. When one of them asked her out, she asked me if it was still okay with me if she went out with another guy while dating me. I told her that it was, and she soon was fucking both of us. My other friend asked her out and soon she was fucking all three of us. One night I invited my two friends over and all three of us fucked her one right after the other. It wasn't long before she would do DP with two of us while she sucked the third guy off.
We got married and all the three of us continued to fuck my wife for several years.

Jul 30
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    • Mine was more of a slut/freak before we got together... :/ but that was like almost 10 yrs now.... & u mind sharing pics of her.?? If so email em to me plz.??? //

    • Mine always liked sex had several partners before me. But she was still prudish about it. She’s open to pretty much anything in the bedroom “as long as it only involves the two of us.” Well I’ve got her on a hot RP game about her fucking other guys and telling me about it. She gets off big time with it but still insists fantasy is all it’ll ever be. I know I’d like to make it real at some point. Not sure how to get there.

    • I was pretty slutty in HS and College. Had sex with lots of men.

      But now in my early fifties I find myself doing more things than I ever did before with my husband of 28 years

    • Definitely after we were married my young wife became a slut but I have to admit that it was my fault for getting her into fucking other guys. We had just baught a new home and we had a friend of mine over and we were drinking and one thing led to another and we all ended up in bed together and I don't remember how many times we had fucked my wife that night but she really enjoyed herself and wanted more of the same. It's hard to close that door after you opened it and she was fucking other guys when ever she wanted to. With me and without me being there I loved her so much I couldn't stop her without losing her.

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