Do I need help

Is it strange that I prefer masturbating then sex.
I’m a 43 year old married mum, my husband works long hours and is exhausted when returning home.
We’ve not had sex for a long time, the few occasions when he has wanted sex I’ve made excuses.
I’m happy in my marriage and lifestyle, after taking the kids to school I Potter around the house doing things, mainly masturbating, whatever I’m doing around the house I make an excuse to myself to stop and masturbate, it’s not even random I seem to just keep doing it, I don’t even get turned on or excited I just do it for the orgasm.
I only like the orgasm, the masturbating part is boring, I just go as fast as I can to have an orgasm.

14 days ago

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    • Marriage is the end of sex life. Women fear a horny man, he will have a girl friend on the side. My neighbor give her husband feminizing supplements.She brags that her husband has shrinking testicles.

    • My wife quit touching me years ago at an age where thats not normal. Naturally im my only source of sex since i dont get with other women. I enjoy masturbating even sometimes with women online.

    • I’m the same way. I work from home, so I have plenty of time. When my wife is at work I get really horny. I masturbate a minimum of 3 times a day, but is usually five or six. I love to orgasm too, but I masturbate for at least an hour per session sometimes. I like to vary how I cum. Most of the time I masturbate stroking with lube. Sometimes I will use her magic wand vibrator. I will also use some of our many other toys. I just masturbate when I’m without her, but we do masturbate together every so often, but I love making love with her. When we are together we make love two to six times a day. She is such a sexy bbw I can’t stop making love with her when she is home!

    • I think we all masturbate for the orgasm, that's why men masturbate all the time even if we are having sex on a regular bases we still have a need to masturbate. I myself would rather lick a woman to orgasm or suck a guy to orgasm rather than have sex. So enjoy your masturbation if it makes you happy and is what you need then do it but I think you'll find that your orgasms will be better and more intense if you took it all a bit slower and visualized a fantasy in your mind as you masturbate, happy fingering

    • I am exactly the same way, would rather eat pussy and suck dick than fuck. And I masturbate as often as I can, several times a day.

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