Window peeping...

My family and I just moved into a new home and I found out about a 2 weeks ago that If I stand in the bushes outside my Mom and Dad's bedroom window I can see everything , even into their bathroom if the door is left open.

The last few nights I seen them both naked and Saturday night I watched them fucking. Now when I see my Mom in the mornings in a nightgown , all I think about is how hot she looks.

I know my window peeping isn't right, But It's really exciting and a turn on. I'm only 15 and I kinda confused. I

1.1 years ago


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    • I loved watching my mom have sex

    • Look, do what most other upstanding peepers do, go peek on your neighbors. Peeping on your own parents isn't much sport, at all. Man up, and be a sporting voyeur, and invade other's privacy. Be careful, and good luck.

    • I understand you man, But in my subdivision the yards are big and houses spread out, not like being in town in close quarters. Maybe once I learn the layout I can go into ninja mode..... Thanks.

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