Just left the adult bookstore

I just left the bookstore. I’ve been to many but this particular one was my first time. I walked into the arcade and they had gloryholes. Actual gloryholes that you can tell were in the design. I sat an patiently waited as I was super horny. I haven’t sucked a good cock in weeks. I heard the door open to the booth next to me. I looked in the hole and saw someone had on a pair of basketball shorts. He was no time pulling them down and maneuvering his uncut cock into the glory hole. It looked amazing. 7 inches and plenty of girth. I immediately got on my hands and knees and took it in my mouth. I bobbed my head in it as best as I could in the limited space. He soon pulled out and asked if he could join me. I said of course and he came over. I got rock fucking hard pulling his shorts down for him and engulfing his cock once more this time with no obstructions. I reached around and clenched his ass and forced his uncut cock deeper into my throat. He smelled of cologne and had flat abs as I slid my hands up his body as he thrust his delicious dick in my mouth. Without warning I felt him convulsing and started tasting cum in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed his load and pulled out and jacked some off on my tongue and face. He said pulled out again after I swallowed his nut. He took deep breathes and somehow was still hard. He told me to open up again and I obliged. This time he became vocal and asked me if I liked sucking the cum out of his dick. I moaned yes as he thrust his hard dick in and out of my mouth again. Before I knew if it he moaned loud this time and I swallowed nut again. It was the only time I’ve made someone cum twice in a row. He smeared his cock all along my open mouth and tongue afterward and zipped up.

The hottest blowjob I’ve given at a ABS.

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  • Did you lick his balls and asshole? If you didn’t , you didn’t give a proper blowjob.

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