My dream

I’m 25 female and overweight, I’ve only had sex with one person and that was two years ago.
Now I rely on watching porn on the internet and I watch a lot of porn, I’ve watched just about every fetish you can think of but the thing that gets me most excited is double penetration, I would so love to be fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time but who would want to have sex with and overweight person.

15 days ago

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    • C'mere tubby! I'll roll you around in flour till I find that wet spot and then plunge in! I've got a big jig nig brother from another mother who'll drill that ass while I pork that pussy!

    • I throw cum at fat girls some times
      Mostly women at the bus stop
      Some time they fat
      I throw cum on you

    • I love a woman with curves, Hot!

    • Are there any black biker bars in your town ?

    • I would love to make you happy and KEEP you happy. You're PERFECT!!!

    • If your in Michigan, I have a buddy - we could double you. We’ve done it a few times in the past.

    • The issue won't be your weight and looks, but, finding two guys who can perform together, and don't mind feeling their cocks in such close proximity to each other. Good luck in your pursuit !

    • There are many guys into pounding a woman with some meat on her bones. Good luck to you!

    • I love women with extra pounds. Send me a message.

    • Black guys LOVE fat girls. Losing weight is not actually that difficult, especially if you realize that is what you really want and you focus on all the benefits: looking better, feeling better, becoming healthier, spending less on food, becoming much happier, and HAVING SEX. But if you don't possess the self respect and discipline required to lose weight you can still have sex with black guys. Many black guys have big dicks, so there's that. Me, I love big dicks, but I prefer white dicks. I've had sex with several black guys when I was younger, but most of the really big dicks I've had (8" to 12") have been white men (a couple of the black guys I had were 8" and 9", but the others were 5" and 6"). From what me and my girlfriends have learned, the BBC myth is just that, a myth...dicks are dicks, it doesn't matter what color it is). Ghetto blacks love fat girls, but I suggest you make some changes to your eating habits, start exercising, drink plenty of water, and you will start losing weight and feeling much, much happier. Hang in there!

    • Doesn't matter color but what size dick do you prefer?

    • Send me pictures and let me see what you working with. Jerrybob1221@

    • Tell us where you are, and we can get it done. One in each hole and one in the mouth

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