My wife is a caregiver.

My wife works for a service that sends out home caregivers, she deals nearly always with handicapped people rather than any seriously ill.

Most of her clients are older, a few in wheelchairs, her work is helping them clean up, make food, mostly normal day to day stuff, plus blood pressure checks, some she helps with medications. But several are in bad enough shape that she goes so far as to help them bathe.

One male client of hers is a young man, only 23 years old, that was in the military, he lost one arm at the shoulder and his left hand is an artificial one that he can use to eat and a few things, but that is about it. He also has serious burn scars on one side and on his chest. She goes to his home every day, has to. All paid by the government, surprisingly pretty good pay..

She bathes him and he gets erections, she notices that of course, but in his position he can do nothing about it, he has no way to relieve himself.

So, after a few times, and seeing the state he was in, she began to masturbate him during his bath.

That was bad enough, it upset me when she, feeling guilt, told me about it. I had mixed feelings about it, but she insisted it was just medical, he had no other outlet and it often became very painful for him. I know, one of our military heroes, but since when is it my wife's job to give him sexual favors?

Now she tells me he has asked to see her naked, and wanted to know if I objected. I did, but I suspect from the way she no longer wants to even discuss him, that she is doing it anyway.

I find myself torn up with suspicions and can't help it, and I don't know what to do.

18 days ago


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    • He should buy a fleshlight.

    • She's just finding a new way to thank him for his service to the country....LOL.

    • Tell him to get a sex doll and leave your wife alone wimp!

    • She's going to do what she wants, with or without your blessing, so it's better you be supportive or you may lose her. If you love her and don't want to lose her (and if she is, otherwise, a good wife and worth keeping) let her know that you support her. You may end up liking it. Hell, you may enjoy jacking him off and sucking that dick. My first wife cheated on me countless times. I'm glad I divorced her because if not, I would never have met my current wife of 20 years, but I do wish I had let her know she didn't sneak around, I wish I had been able to enjoy some of that dick she got when we were married.

    • Thats bull shit! When his wife gets caught she will lose her job and medical license. She will never get to practice in medicine again. So no she can't do whatever she wants. Home health aids are subject to surprise inspections. She will get caught.

    • Or she won't get caught, I know the young wounded warrior isn't going to tell. And she doesn't have to do it on the clock, she can arrange to meet him outside of her medical duties. Relax.

    • Didn't need* to sneak around

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