Power peeing

An old boyfriend got me into this and I still do it to this day.
In our early days of dating while on holiday he was bursting for a pee, he said he had to go and asked me to keep a look out for anyone passing, while he was peeing someone came around the corner, I said hurry someone is coming, he force his pee as hard as he could to finish quickly, we both stood still with our backs to the person walking past, when the person had past he said look, he pointed to the wall he pee up and it was really high, we both left laughing.
At our apartment he ask me to see how hard I could push out my pee, I did it in the bath tub, I had one foot on the side “I know not very lady like” and pee as hard as I could, ok done that joke over.
What I didn’t tell him when I was forcing it out I was feeling a vibration in my clit.
The next time I wanted to pee I forced it out as hard as I could, again the vibrating feeling on my clit, I could only feel the vibrating if I force it out as hard as I could.
I kept on doing this every time I wanted a pee, it was exhausting!
The vibration on my clit only lasted a few seconds but it did feel nice, it was like I was two thirds close to having an orgasm feeling.
Now whenever I want a quick orgasm as soon as I’ve forced out a long pee I will continue rubbing my clit, my clit gets very erect then goes back when I’m having my orgasm.
My orgasm is not a big one it’s short a sweet but it feels really nice.

11 months ago

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    • After I get home from a night of drinking, I power-piss in my back yard or 5-gallon bucket in my garage and really let loose. I feel it in my lower stomach sometimes, how hard and power I'm pissing out what I drank in all night. Even killed a pretty big spider on my porch one night by power pissing..

    • I like it when my wife and myself make sudsy holes in the ground.

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