I can’t stop

Hi I am 37 married and the first 10 years of my marriage I never cheated.
No i cant stop.
Im a slut now.
It started about a year ago when i went out with friends after work and ended up fucking a guy i work with. No it was not planed. I was drunk and he gave me a ride home. My husband works nights so he was not home.
The babysitter left and Darin came in With out me asking he just followed me in.
Out of no where he started kissing me.
I was shocked at first and still had no intentions.
I let him just llay
Me on couch and o remember he just pulled my shorts down je kiised me again and i felt his fingers start rubbing me and he pulled me
ontop if him as he rolled over onto the couch.
Be fore I realize what was exactly happening.
He pulled me down on him.
It was like electricity in my body.
I almost came immediately as soon as i bottom out on his cock. He was huge.
My hips took over and I started jerking on his rod and had a orgasm that took my breath away
No i have fucked him dozens of times.
Im his fuck toy and as soon as my husband leaves for work he is coming in and we fuck all
He is twice the size of my husband.
I almost laugh when my husband fucks me now.
He’s so tiny

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  • Of my husband knew that I cheated on him four times in our marriage I don’t know what he’d do. One was with a coworker after work in his truck for a couple of months. One was with an old ex from high school, my first love and my first in everything, one with a guy at a club, and one with another coworker. The ex and I still meet up every now and then just for the sex and memories.

  • My wife cheated on me a few times almost like you did,
    Old bf.
    And work.
    It actually turns me on to think of it now.

  • I was 24 and I cheated on my husband after our first year of marriage. He always went out on Friday nights instead of doing something with me. Then he came back drunk and smelling of perfume and I just knew he cheated. I kept it to myself.Months later when i found out i was pregnant,he totally stopped wanting to be intimate with me,like he wasn't attracted to me.He kept going out and I was even more sure now he was getting it from someone else. So with hubby out on a Friday night I went to chat with our neighbour. He was 35 and had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I had one beer and we began talking about our love life and spouses. I said my hubby isn't into me much at the moment. He said that my husband must be crazy,because I was drop dead gorgeous. I giggled and we flirted alot more after that. Then I got up and kissed him on the lips. He pulled me onto him and we made out tenderly.I soon felt his big hard dick appear under me. I stood up and we got undressed. He had a hot body and a nice sized dick.I felt embarrassed that I let my pussy hair grow wild but he didn't mind he ran his fingers through it while kissing me.We lay down and he rubbed my pussy while I stroked his cock to full erection. He asked if he should get a condom,I said we don't need one because I'm pregnant. So I spread my married legs for him and he slid his big dick into my married pussy. The fucking he gave me was so damn good,I really needed it and those 2 orgasms.When he was about to cum I pulled him close and clung onto him tightly so he could release deep inside me.We then lay there chatting and laughing,2 people who just needed it bad,helping each other out.It happened almost every Friday till my bump was too much.A few times my hubby came back drunk and in the mood,so I just let him fuck my cum filled pussy or I'd make him go down on me.

  • Very sexy! I have to confess I went on a cheating spree when I was pregnant. I just loved the fact that I was totally unprotected with strangers!

  • Oh wow. I don't think I could've gone on a spree but it was just really nice to connect with someone as I felt neglected and got low. Yes it was so handy not needing to worry about protection.

  • It started with just one... then another... then another... and at that point I just thought whats the point of limiting it. I'm already cheating might as well go for it!

  • I was happy with just the one because I hadn't had many guys before my husband and I lucked out because this one was the biggest and best yet lol.

  • I was actually a virgin when I met my hubby. Once I had discovered how exciting sex with someone new could actually be I was hooked.

  • I might've as well been a virgin as I felt had zero sexual experience. And it took cheating to see that some guys just really have way more experience and just know how to treat a woman sexually. They just know how to read a woman instantly and push all the right buttons in the right order. Way after the baby arrived I told myself I would stop cheating but I just missed the incredible sex so I left my 8 month old with my husband and told him I needed "me time".

  • My wife is the same way. She was always a goodie-two-shoes her whole life. Straight A's, never broke the law, never partied, only masturbated once just to see what it was like, and stayed a virgin until she was 20. I was the only man she had ever done anything sexual with and she made me wait two years for sex. Well right before we were supposed to get married we had a HUGE fight.

    She got so mad that she went out, got drunk, and ended up fucking a stranger in a hotel all night long. She came back the next day and told me all about it. She said it was the best experience of her life and that she's a completely changed woman. I was devastated. She went and locked herself in the bedroom for the rest of the day. I cried and cried for hours while she just masturbated with a massive dildo that she brought home with her.

    I spent the night on the couch and the next morning she said that she was ready to get back together (she never even said anything about breaking up!!!) But that things would be different. She didn't say how but I knew what she meant.

    Now she cheats whenever she travels or when she goes out with the girls. Her friends are all grown up and moved away so it's rare, but she still ends up fucking at least a few new men every year. She doesn't tell me when she does it, but she also doesn't bother to hide things like lingerie or condoms. Occasionally she'll tell me about one of the times during sex when she's in a really horny mood but its usually long after the fact and she's not always very detailed. I have grown to love it and masturbate to the stories and memories all the time now, and so does she.

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