Step mom

When my dad remarried a few years after divorcing my mom she was quick to use her really nice body against my young hormones. She was only moved in about a month and one day she asked me if I wanted to see her boobs. She then asked me to do some things around the house and my payback would be seeing her boobs. She did that for a while then it was if you do this then you get to touch them and so on. It did not take long and my reward was getting to put lotion all over her body after she showered and sometimes she would lay down on my bed and call it free time where I could touch anything I wanted. She came out of the shower one time after getting home from her workout class, laid down on my bed and told me I had an hour of free time. I had developed a real interest in her ass but I guess she had never had hers licked before now. I asked her to roll over and began caressing her cheeks before pushing her legs apart little by little, she expected that I was going to run my fingers over her pussy but when I spread out her cheeks and ran my tongue around her anus she let out a little moan then followed that by telling me that no one had ever licked it before now.
She may have been lying to me but she arched her back and lifted her ass up giving me more access so I licked and dove my tongue right inside her. She seemed to be genuinely enjoying it a lot and she then reached back and pulled her cheeks even further apart holding them in place for me. Her anus was actually very warm on my tongue and after about ten minutes of licking and probing she told me that she was so turned on that I just had to play with her clit now. She rolled over and spread her legs wide, she was wet as ever and I began licking her but teased her a lot. I slid a finger up to her anus underneath her and began circling it, she was moaning out and begging me to lick her faster. I started sliding my finger into her anus and she moaned out louder so not much longer after that I slid two into her and began licking her harder. She had her legs stretched out practically flat and was moaning in little squeals as she began to orgasm she reached down and pulled my face hard against her to the point that it hurt a little. She screamed out a long oh my god I am cumming and was pumping her hips up and down while pulling on my hair.
When she finally had her orgasm she was speechless and then looked up at me and told me that it was the best one she had ever had in her life. No one had ever fingered her ass and licked her at the same time before and it felt amazing. She told me to stand up and as I did so she slid off the bed and pulled my cock out of my pants, she swallowed me right down and gave me my first and best blow job of my life.
I did this to her on a regular basis and whenever my dad when out of town she would tell me that I was hers to whatever I pleased, I would lick her pussy for hours and play with her body over and over and she seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

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  • Mmmmmm eating your Dads fresh load dripping from her snatch.

  • That sounds nice did you ever fuck her ? OH and most importantly how did her shit taste ?

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