What’s she trying to say?

For 5 months I’ve been chatting to a lady that walks past my workshop every day walking her dog, we both have the same bread of dog.
We chat for about 10/15 minuets, nothing exciting just day to day stuff, I know she is married with 3 children.
Recently in the UK the weather has been hot and when we chat she has been coming into my workshop to get out of the sun.
I’m unsure if this is done deliberately but when she sits on the trailer she makes it very obvious she is not wearing any underwear, she doesn’t strike me she is the kind that would do this, maybe she doesn’t wear any but the way she sits and her legs position says different!
She talks to much about hubby and the kids to indicate she is flirting or wanting some extra attention.
In the last two weeks I would say ever other day she has sat in a position I can see she has no underwear.
Anyone else the wiser?

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  • My neighbors wife would come over right after work when my wife was at work.
    She had a son and I had a daughter same age. She got to where she would be outside right when I came home so I would invite her in. My wife finally picked up on it when one day she’s questioning me why Stacy’s over more and more. I didn’t really think of it when wife stated she is wanting to hang out with us more and more. Turns out she was having hubby problems and she had been telling my wife how lucky she was to have me .
    I had no idea the things I was telling her about having more confidence since she was so attractive and sweet was something her hubby was neglecting to tell her. Last time we met she told me she was starting to have feelings about me cause of how I respected her and complimented her and that she would have to end our talks. 3 months later they move away. I know she loved her hubby but she missing hearing how pretty and how smart she was. Hope you pick up on it sooner than I had

  • She's saying she has a family and is happy where she is, but also gets a kick out of showing off to you and wants a bit of excitement in her life.

  • Hello wake up

  • Because she stops by, she definitely likes you. She also might be a bit of an exhibitionist or tease. The next time she flashes you, I'd just mention that you can see it, and see how she responds.

  • That's it

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