Me needs to see this

I’ve heard this said a few times now, a friend of a friend mentioned it and it’s been playing on my mind every since.
When she first mentioned it a group of us we’re having drinks, I have no idea how the conversation lead to it, it was about men ejaculating, didn’t really participate in the conversation just listened.
Mainly it was 3 / 4 girls having the conversation telling different stories about ex boyfriends ejaculating, one girl told us her ex sprayed it everywhere, she said once in the car she was masturbating him and it went everywhere and hated sitting in the car after the mess, she went into detail how it came out of him, it was kind of gross listening to it but like I said it’s been playing on my mind.
I’m now thinking about this ejaculation far to much, I get turned on when I’m thinking about it and now I’m wanting to witness this ejaculation.
I’ve done some research and I’m not seeing anything like how she has explained, she said it was like a machine gun, loads of little squirts under pressure shooting out and it would take him ages to finish before nothing else would come out.
I know everyone is different and my last three boyfriends didn’t ejaculate that way.

18 days ago

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    • When I cum, its all just in a couple spurts of a lot of cum. When I cum, I push my cock in deep. I love feeling our love juices flow together.

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