Birthday surprise

My friends threw me a 21st birthday party in Vegas. Now my sister lives in Nevada and has a job with a computer programming firm. At least that's what I thought for years. I never told her I was going to be in Vegas so she had no reason to think we could accidentally see each other. Well for a gift from one of my friends from college, he wanted to get me a hot chick to get me laid. He got two executive class escorts to give me a great wake up call. One came in and placed a mask over my face and tied me to the bed. Once I was set up for them. The other girl came in and finished the process. She came in and blew me and then mounted me without a condom on. She never spoke I wasnt able to speak due to the mask. She rode me hard and I came in her really deep. After I came they asked me to choose who I just came in and they will both be mine for the day. If I chose wrong I only got the one I came in and not the other. As soon as I took the mask off I looked up and saw both girls and immediately felt sick. My sister was standing in front of me and looked completely confused. She immediately freaked out. I asked her to please leave the room and let me speak with her. My sister told me that she was the one who I was just with and she had no idea that I was in Vegas. She told me she had been lying to my family and had been making money as a high end escort for upscale clients. I just couldn't believe it was all true. She told me that I just came in her pussy and that I had made her cum right before I did. I told her that we could never say anything about this. She tried to get dressed and she covered herself. I asked her if she wanted to do it again but knowing that it's me. I started to get hard and told her that her pussy felt so good. I told her it didn't make a difference cause I was already in her and she has cum in her pussy anyway. She asked me if I was ever going to say something to our parents. She said she would do it as long as they never knew what she was doing in Vegas. I agreed. We fuck every time we see each other. She said it is so hot to ad kk me to cum in her. And I won't ever stop doing it. Its way too good

11 months ago


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    • It was at a Halloween swingers party when I had sex with my nephew, didn’t realize it was him until I saw his duck tattoo. We all left our masks on. But I did feel nauseous afterwards and I haven’t told my husband

    • Did you ever tell your nephew or did he know it was you?

    • For some reason God has made it so genetically continued incest is BAD but current studies show that there is NO biological aversion to incest among mammals, including us. While women tend to develop aversions of related men, that is about it for prevention of incest among our species. So when young women do not develop that aversion, consensual incest is possible.

      While brother-sister couplings are the worst genetically speaking, they are the least psychologically damaging, and are so common, that they are seen by psychologists as normal childhood development that they should grow out of.

      On the other hand, mother-son couplings are no different genetically then father-daughter, but while father-daughter has few to no measurable psychological damage, mother-son couplings are BY FAR the most damaging psychologically and tend to give that son murderous tendencies.

      Weird, fake, urban legend, based partly on truth... Doesn't matter to me. What is the point is that it is desired and, for our species, nearly normal

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