Woman of my life

I never expected that the woman of my life would turn out to be my niece.
She's not even half my age, but circumstances pushed us to share a roof when the pandemic and lockdown started in my country. It started as a very intense sexual chemistry we still can't explain, but we're now very much in love. Secretly, for obvious reasons.
I've lived abroad and far away from my family for years, and intended to be single all my life. I've slept and even loved many women, but not like this.I was never very close to my niece, but when I met her I knew she would become a sexy and beautiful woman. She was even precocious, at 15 she tried to seduce me, which I resisted. I didn't see her again until this year, she was on a trip to visit a friend of hers in my country when the borders were locked down. Being short on money, her parents told her to look me up to let her crash at my place. Seeing how our previous encounter went, she tried again and, over a couple of glasses of wine, figuring we were far away and totally alone, I figured "why not?".
She barely turned 20 during the quarantine, but I can only wonder how she became such a goddess of sex at her age. Always up to either a spontaneous rough fuck or planned, caring lovemaking. Eager to experience new things, craving pleasure more often than not. So natural, authentic, with a sweet smile and a small, it body with round soft breasts. She's the kind of woman that implicates every inch of her body in the pleasures of sex, from her voice, to her eyes, her pussy, her fingers, her tongue, her hair. She has made love to me sweetly, but also likes to play the part of a dominatrix that can make me cum in 5 seconds, as well as submit to my every will and have my way with her "like a cumslut". Despite the risks, she loves filling my cum inside her, and I'm addicted to the sensation.
But she's also beautiful of soul and a blast to be around of, and she reciprocates. It was a relief to hear her say "I love you" first, it opened the door to loving each other completely without fear of anything, not taboos, not our age difference (I'm 47, almost 30 years older). She could go back to her family now if she wanted, but she's considering enrolling at college here as a means to stay with me. We intend to keep this going for as long as possible and, hopefully, she can stay here fora very long time to never return.

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  • Good for you! I hope it works out for you both!!

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