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I recently asked my wife if there were any guys at her work that talks to her in more than a professional manner. After a couple of drinks, she fibally confessed to me that a guy named Jaysun has made some comments to her a couple of times. I dared her to send him a flirtatious text and see how he would respond. She said no because she thought I was just setting her up, however, as I proceeded to encourage her and told her how hard it made me to envision her being naughty. She agreed to let me send him something from her. I told him that I was home alone while my husband was at a conference and was just thinking about him. He took the bait and said he just got out of the shower and was lounging around in his underwear, getting ready to do a shot and turn in, but he was glad to hear from her. I then told him I was just outta the bath, in my panties and chemise. We playfully texted back and forth and he finally told me how he thinks of me often and more than just as a coworker. We kept texting back and forth, getting more intimate, until we both came. Needless to say, Monday at work was quite interesting for my wife.

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  • This is going to end badly for you. Sooner or later she and he will take their flirting to the next level. They will be screwing and you will not have any part in it, you may never find out about it at all. I guess you thought it was all a joke, well the joke is on you, you will be kicked to the curb while they are screwing their brains out.

  • Why would you throw away your wife like that?

  • Sounds like you're turned on by the thought of a man.

    You should divorce her, accept you're gay, and find an amazing cock to suck!

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