Spanking for motivation

Last week me and now gf Colette made a deal on her new fitness routine. she planned on losing 7 pounds last month. and for every pound she didn't lose, she would get 100 spanks, but for every extra pound she lost, I would get 100 spanks. And to make a long story short, she ended up gaining 3 extra pounds! She always made excuses like, "My family was over, and you know they make the best steaks!" Or "The gym wasn't open for a couple days!" But that didn't stop me from pulling her over my lap and spanking her sexy ass. I gave her the first 25 on her jeans. "Ow! Oh! Ouch! Ouchie! Stop! Ow!" She would groan and wiggle to each spank. Her but would jiggle to each slap, even in her pants. Then for the second part I pulled down her jeans and exposed her pink bottom and cute white panties.
"Oh! you seem to be getting wet. This is suppose to be a punishment Colette." I teased.
"I-Im not... I'm NOT enjoying this!" She protested. Although her pussy said otherwise. I continue to spank her over her panties and she moaned and pleaded louder.
"OW! ERR! Ouchie! Your such a-OW!-Meanie!" After the next 23 spanks I pulled down her panties to her ankles. She was kicking and squirming. She placed her hands in front of her ass but i held them at her side.
"Come on your almost done, don't make me give you extra you naughty bitch." I said rubbing her pussy.
"Uhh... Please don't Sir!" She protested. I didn't even have to tell her and she responded with "Sir", thats a good girl. I then i give her the next 25 spanks. SHe moaned louder and louder with each one.
"OOOHH! OW! UHH! I-I..." At this point the pain and pleasure was so strong, she couldn't fathom out words any more. I then pull her off my lap and bend her over the bed.
"Wait here. I'll be right back."
"Y-yes Sir." SHe responded.
"And if you rub your bottom, I'll give you extra, you hear?"
"Yes S-sir."
I get up reach in my bag, and grab my long wooden paddle I bought just for the occasion. She looks back and sees the paddle and starts to sweat.
"Your going to hit me with THAT?! Oh please don't it's gonna hurt so much!" She begged.
"Im going to give you your last 25 spanks, if you reach to rub your bottom or fail to hold your position, I won't count that spank. You understand?"
"Oh... Y-yes Sir." I then lay down the smacks. She yelped and jumped with each spank. Bouncing and biting pillows to keep herself from getting extra spanks. Her breathing got heavy and her pussy was dripping wet.
"Alright last one..." I pull the paddle back and...
"OW!!! 25 Thank you sir, I'll do better!" She said as I start to finger her.
"Do you want to be fucked my dirty bitch?" I ask unzipping my pants.
"Y-yes sir! Very much." She said spreading her legs. I then slid my cock in and fucked her all night. I was one of the best backshots I had in a long time.

11 months ago

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