I love it when my gf is dominant and makes me be her little bitch !!!!! She will tell me to get a bath then she will lay me out what she wants me to wear !! So by then I know to do my nails my hair and makeup and put in the the bra and panties and babydoll that she has laid out for me I also have to change my ways of acting I change my voice to sound like a woman and the every other thing about me !!! Then I wait patiently for her when's she's ready she enters the room wearing huge strap on !! It's 12 and 7 and it's black !! I get on my knees and beg to suck her cock eventually she face fucks me with it or at least she tries then my favorite part is when she puts me across her lap and spanks me I have to pull my gowntail up and panties down and she spanks my bottom blood red and I love it!! Then I have to beg for her to fuck me and I do beg she will ask me how I want it and then do the opposite !!!!! Doesn't matter I love it all

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  • You're topping from the bottom, sweetie.

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